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Where is the ignition coil in a 1992 Honda civic?


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It is inside the distributor.


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ignition coil! mine did the same

The ignition coil on a 1998 Honda Civic LX is located under the distributor cap. The distributor is on the passenger side of the motor and has wires running from it to each spark plug. it is usually plastic.

follow spark plug wires back to other end & that is your coil

There isn't a coil on Honda Civics later than 1992. The ignition is managed at the ECU and transmitted to the distributor, witch is found right on the engine cover, to the left of it.. yes that thing like an octopus with 4 wires.

The ignition coil is inside the ignition distributor.

It's inside the distributor.....On the flat side....

Inside the distributor just under the distributor cap.

Inside the distributor cap. 3 screwes hold it down. Remove them, pull off the dizzy cap and you will see the coil.

a little 8 mill screw on bottom of rotor into dist shaft

bad cap or rotor . ignition coil , or ignition mudgule or new or rebilt distributor

if's it's a 1.5 or 1.6 ltr. it's in side the distributer cap.

The coil is located in the distributor internally. If you take the distributor cap off and unscrew the rotor it should become visible. You may have to move a dust cover, but it is in there.

under the distributor cap

Many autopart stores have a machine to test it. The machines use a universal adapter to hook into the ignition control module. The ignition control module is in the distributor. If you mean the part that contains the ignition coil, when mine went bad I probed it with an ohmeter and then asked the parts store if I could test the resistances in a new coil before I bought it. Since the resistances of certain terminals weren't even close, I knew I had a bad coil.

Moisture related problems occur in the ignition system. The distributor as well as the internal iginition coil need to be tested.

The 2002 Honda Civic EX engine uses coil-on-plug. There are no sparkplug wires.

From what I can find out it seems to be located inside the distributor. You must remove the distributor cap to see it. For pictures check the link.

It could be your ignition coil, which is located inside of your distributor cap. Supposedly, the ignition coils in our civics are poor design and lack providing enough power. I have a 95 civic LX, I gave my car a much needed tune-up. My car ran for 5 minutes and just died.The coil just went out. The coil itself is about 80. They also make external ignition coils and modified distributor caps to by pass the internal coil for about 100

A '94 Civic CX uses a distributor based ignition system.

Likely Culprits: Bad Coil. Bad Ignition Control Module. Great Resources:

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