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Where is the ignition coil in a 95 Honda Civic?

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The coil is located in the distributor internally. If you take the distributor cap off and unscrew the rotor it should become visible. You may have to move a dust cover, but it is in there.

2006-10-21 23:35:16
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Q: Where is the ignition coil in a 95 Honda Civic?
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Where is the coil and the primary wires for the coil located on 95 Civic DX 2 dr?

The ignition coil is inside the distributor....

Why does 95 Honda civic distributor is not giving any fire?

It could be your ignition coil, which is located inside of your distributor cap. Supposedly, the ignition coils in our civics are poor design and lack providing enough power. I have a 95 civic LX, I gave my car a much needed tune-up. My car ran for 5 minutes and just died.The coil just went out. The coil itself is about 80. They also make external ignition coils and modified distributor caps to by pass the internal coil for about 100

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Ignition coil civic 95?

It is in the distributor, pull off the cap and it is held in with 2 screws and has 2 wires coming off of it.

Where is the ignition coil located on a 95 Honda Accord 2.2 4-cylinder?

If you see no center coil wire connector then the coil is mounted inside the distributor. If there is a center coil wire connecter then follow the coil wire and it will go to the coil.

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