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** The 01-05 Civic DX, LX and EX models have a coil on plug ignition system with no traditional distributor, cap, rotor or spark plug wires. There is a camshaft position sensor where the distributor would normally be on a Honda. The coil on plug system is just that, a coil over the spark plug mounted on top of the valve cover. There are 4 coils, one for each cylinder. Remove the gray plastic cover on the valve cover with a large flat head screwdriver by turning the plastic screws. Exposed is a wiring harness that plugs into all 4 coils that are held in place by a few 10mm bolts. Remove the bolts, un-clip the harnesses and the coil assembly pulls out leaving the spark plug exposed. This is the simplest and easy to access ignition I have ever seen on a car. You could change all 4 coils and plugs in 10 minutes.

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Q: Where is the ignition coil located on a 2001 Honda Civic EX?
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