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on the side of the distributor is is rectangle

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Q: Where is the ignition module for a 1993 f-150 with a 300 straight 6?
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No spark on 1993 f150 what can it be?

Could be the ignition module. It's attached to the side of the distributor.

1993 f150 cranks no spark fuel pump starter coil ok?

Would be in the distributer or the ignition module

1995 ford f150 4.9 y Control Module - Ignition?

The ignition control module for a 1995 ford f150 is an important part of the drive train. If the module is failing then the engine will run erratically or not start at all.

Where is the ignition module located on a 1987 Ford F150?

under the dist. cap

Why does a 1993 Ford F150 4x4 pickup stall out after it heats up?

It sounds as if you have a bad ignition control module. It would be located on the distributor. On some of these vehicles, the module was moved over on to the side of the left fender. Ford had a lawsuit against them for these modules, but the time to submit claims against them has expired. It is also referred to as the thick film ignition (TFI)module.

Where is the ignition control module located on a 95 ford f150 4x4 supercab 5.8 liter?

On the distributor

There is no fire to plugs have changed the coil ignition switch solenoid relay box on left fender well battery is good for a 1983 f150?

pull the distubartor and have the module checked its more then likely bad i had the same problem in my 90 f150 with the 300 straight 6 i changed it and it fired right up

Does a 1993 ford f150 300 straight 6cylinder have a timing chain or belt?

It has a timing chain.

Does the ignition module cause misfire when hot on a ford f150?

did you changed your thermostat? You MUST keep around 195 degree thermostat in the vehicle at ALL TIMES due to the computer system. The ignition module usually gets hot due to corroded electrical connections at the ignition module and or the module is HEAT SENSITIVE and needs to be replaced. (plug wires) Ignition misfire can produce a variety of driveability symptoms including hard starting, rough idle, hesitation....

Where is the ignition module if it is not with the distributor in a 1992 Ford F150?

The only other thing you can really do is get a manual from your local parts store or online. The cost is about $20.

Where is the wiper control module on a 1993 ford f150?

behind the passanger glove box on the right side. its a small black box.

What wires are positive on an ignition module for a 1982 F150?

Chances are there is no polarity. An ignition coil is simply a wound of wires used to generate high voltage. But you may find a marking on it such as a "+" or a red wire wich would indicate the positive electrode.

Does a 1986 ford F150 have an electronic ignition?

yes it does

What is a pcm in a 97 f150?

Powertrain Control Module ( PCM )

Where is the airbag module located on a 1997 Ford f150?

The airbag module for the 1997 Ford F150 is located in the passenger side kick panel below the dash. It is silver and black in coloring.

What is coil pack layout for 2003 ford f150 v8 5.4?

f150 ignition coil sequence

1991 f150 straight 6 4.9 no spark getting power from coil to distributor but not out of distributor?

The internal hall effect switch could be bad or the module that is bolted to the side of the distributor. Most Advance auto parts stores can test the module for you.

1993 Ford f150?

how to replace an oil pan that goes to a ford f150 1993? how much does the pan cost,and can you show a picture of it?

Where is the OBD connection on 1993 Ford F150?

There is no OBDII connector on 1993 F150. Didn't start until 1996 (97 model).

Where is Location of ignition module 94 F150?

on the 6 cyl it is either mounted on the distributor or on the driver side of engine compartment close to the firewall. If it is not distributor mounted it will be in the middle of a large alloy heat sink.

Dose 93 ford f150 have chip key ignition?


Where is the Transfer case relay module located on a 1998 F150?

under the dash, above the radio. take out speedometer module to get to it

What could be the problem with an 89 f150 econoline van when it just dies and wont restart?

also check and see if you are getting spark. it may be bad coil,or solonoid. good luck ignition module on the distributer

What is the Point gap 1975 ford 6-cylinder?

The 1975 Ford F150 4.9 L ( 300 cubic inch ) straight 6 has electronic ignition , it doesn't have points

How do you identify the ignition system on a 89 ford F150 with a 302?

the ignition modular is on the driver side 6" from firewall