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Where is the ignition module on a 1988 ford ranger xlt 4 cylinder 2.3?



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"its on the right side of the engine when you are facing it. on top of the wheel well, connected by a wire that looks like a spark bug wire to the distributor cap."

This answer is not correct. This answer is correct if the question was "where is my ignition coil?" The coil is exactly as this answer indicates, but the Ignition Control Module (at least on my 1988 Ranger 4wd 4cyl 2.3) is attached to the base of the distributor cap. It is easily identifiable because it is hooked to a wire harness - the only one hooked to the Distro Cap Base. It can be removed with 2 screws but you will need a very narrow 7/32" nut driver to get the hex screws out. The process, with the right tool, should take less than 10 minutes. I suggest replacing the hex screws with Phillips head screws for ease of re-attaching and possible removal at a later time should the ICM need ti be replaced again.