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Where is the ignition starter switch on a 1987 mustang 5.0 GT?


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2005-07-22 01:32:45
2005-07-22 01:32:45

If you're talking about the starter solenoid, it is located on the driver's side inner fender. It is just forward of the shock tower and ignition coil.


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There is a solonoid on the starter and the ignition switch is on the steering column.

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the truck will not crank or anything with the key it wont even starter when you ark the starter all it does is whizz

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It is probably caused by the ignition switch internals shifting (I had a similar problem before) and it turned out to be the ignition switch)

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one of a few things your starter could be bad bad starter relay bad starter selenoid bad ignition switch

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go to look up faq's for ignition switch

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