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The impeller is located inside the water pump housing, on the topside of the gearcase. The gearcase will have to be removed in order to service it.

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Q: Where is the impeller located on a 1973 Johnson 6 horsepower outboard motor?
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Mercury Marine where is the impeller located on a 7.5 hp motor?

The water pump impeller on a 7.5 hp Mercury outboard, is located on top of the gearcase, and is driven by the driveshaft.

Where is the water pump located on a 15HP mercury outboard?

The 15 horsepower Mercury outboard motor does not have a water pump. The outboard motor is air cooled and does not have a need for circulating water.

Do you have to prime impeller to get water flowing through after changing?

Generally no. You do not want to run an impeller dry, so normally you will apply a light coat of grease to the impeller when you install it. On an outboard engine the impeller is on top of the gearcase and below the surface of the water so it will get water as soon as you start to crank the engine. On a sterndrive or inboard engine the pump can be located on the engine, but it is often mounted low (near the water level). If you crank the engine without starting it the impeller will "prime" itself.

What is the wiring diagram for a 1972 Johnson 85 hp outboard motor?

The service manual is located at the related link below.

Where is the Volvo penta impeller located?

The impeller in a Volvo Penta is located inside the water pump. You will need to first remove the water pump to access it.

Impeller located on 1966 mercury 3.9 hp outboard motor?

The impeller is located in the lower section of the motor near the prop. Take the two nuts off and the lower unit will separate from the top. Remove the O ring and the seal from the long shaft before removing the two nuts from the water pump housing. Good luck removing the impeller itself. I had to cut the soft brass ring with an oscillating tool. A paint can opener also helped in the removal.

How do you change a 70 HP Yamaha outboard water pump?

The water pump on an outboard motor is located low down on the skeg. To replace it, you have to remove the lower unit. The impeller water pump is a housing attached to the upper unit, surrounding the shaft. It must be replaced exactly right, so obtaining a proper servicing manual is strongly recommended.

Where is the waterpump located on a 1995 Aurora?

The water pump is actually called a impeller and is located in a pump housing where the bottom radiator hose connects. You will need a special socket tool to remove the impeller once inside the housing.

What is the model number for 1989 v200 outboard motor serial number oc261873?

The model ID cannot be determined from the horsepower, or the serial number of a Mercury outboard. The model ID is located on the serial number tag. Mercury 200 hp models produced in 1989 are as follows..... 200L 200XL 200CXL 200XRI

What year is a Johnson outboard motor serial number G5994865?

In order to determine the year model for Johnson or Evinrude outboards, the model number, rather than the serial number is needed. The model number is located on the tag, or sticker that bears the serial number.

Where is Johnson State College located?

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Mercury outboard 1997 overheating?

You could have clogged water intake ports, or have a clog in the water jacket. It could also be a stuck thermostat, though highly unlikely. If the motor does not "spit" or "pee" water, it's pretty safe to say that a broken water pump impeller, located in the lower unit, is the culprit.

How do you replace impeller in 1976 Johnson 85HP?

hi, The shift cable connects to a rocker arm that then connects to your shift rod, on most out boards there is a nut located underneath the carb's that you would remove. but in your case you must loosen the rocker arm (5/8" bolt) enough to get the pin out of the shifter rod, once the shifter rod is loose/not connected you take out the 7 bolt's that hold the foot on, off. then you will see the black plastic housing that hold the impeller take off the 4 bolt's and the impeller is off. I hope this helps

What is the balance piston used for a centrifugal compressor?

Due to the pressure rise developed through the impeller, a pressure difference exists across the hubs and covers such that the impellers have a net thrust in the direction of the compressor inlet. The balance piston counteracts that by being located behind the last impeller. This is accomplished by subjecting the outboard side of the balance piston to a low pressure from the inlet side of the compressor thereby creating a pressure differential opposite to the direction of the impellers. This pressure is acheived by connecting the area behind the piston to the inlet using a line. The impeller thrust not balanced by the balace piston is absorbed by the thrust bearings. I hope this helps

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Where is the impeller located on mercury 4hp outboard?

If you have a blueband mercury 4hp engine,remove the bottom section of the leg (just above the prop) you will find x2 11mm nuts. Undo both and pull apart,you should find that the gear rod and drive shaft come out of a black piece of plastic housing. Undo the x2 (8mm) retaining nuts and remove the housing. Inside you will find the impeller (6 bladed rubber spider) £17.56 from any mercury dealer or £8.00 online.. Hope this helps

How do you change a water pump on a 1995 Suzuki outboard jet motor 140HP?

The lower unit comes apart the same as if it had a prop. The water pump is in the same location as the standard lower unit prop assembly. The only difference on the jet is, you do not have to disconnect the shift lever, because it is not used on the inside of the lower unit. Remove the shift cable on the outside of the pump unit. Remove the bolts on the upper part of the jet pump that connects the unit to the mid portion of the lower section. The pump unit is then removed from the motor along with the pump drive shaft as one unit. The pump housing is located on the top of the pump unit. Unbolt the pump housing from the lower unit and slide the housing and impeller off the shaft. Be careful not to lose the key that secures the impeller to the shaft (if used). Most kits include a new key, lower plate, housing and impeller. Be sure to fold the rubber impeller in the same direction as the original impeller. It is a good practice to apply a small amount of rubber safe lubricant to the housing when the impeller is installed to prevent a "dry fire" of the impeller when first started. Assembly is just the opposite of the removal.

How do you manually drain the gas out of a 1984 25 horsepower Evinrude outboard motor?

By removing the drain screw, or depending on the model, the fuel supply hose for the primer. Both are located on the front, lowermost area of the carburetor bowl. Once removed, the fuel will flow out of the carburetor.

Where is the serial number on a 1986 200 mercury outboard?

The serial number tag on a 200 hp Mercury outboard is located on the stern bracket, upper starboard side.

Where is stator on 1990 evinrude?

The stator on an Evinrude outboard is located under the engine flywheel.

How do you change the impeller on a mercury outboard?

the pump impeller and housing are mounted to the lower drive unit if you are good with your hands and understand how things work. buy a manual for your motor its easy for mechanically inclined. but simple mistakes will kill your motor and drive.the lower drive is drained of gear oil if oil is milky you have a bad seal. if clean drop lower unit there will be a long vertical drive shaft that stays mounted to the drive. locate all o rings seals and gaskets a replace with new impeller and lock key is located under water pump housing remove cover and inspect parts rubber impeller usually wasted/cracked or melted from lack of water. replace with new cover. follow instructions like they are written also check pick up screens and remove to clean barnacles and debris clean water passages. never run engine dry it takes 15 seconds-to start tearing up new impeller good luck

Is the water pump for a 9.8 mercury outboard electric or mechanical?

Mechanical. It is located at the top of the gearcase.

Where on a 2000 mercury 200 hp outboard is the serial number located?

it is stamped on the clamp bracket

Where is an eyelift mercury outboard located?

on top of timing cover under yellow plastic disk