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Where is the important place for the hindus?

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jhon cena
Answered 2021-02-09 11:03:17

All holly places is important for Hindus.

for more details - devdhamyatra

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Important places for hindus are mainly temples. Places where Hindu gods did some amazing miracle are also important for hindus. These places are known as chardham.

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Were is the Hindus pilgrimage?

devdham yatra is very important for Hindus for more - devdhamyatra

Why are horoscopes so important to hindus?

why is horoscopes important to hindus

Why is Krishna important to Hindus?

krishna is important to hindus because he is one the three important gods

Why is the Hindu temple important to Hindus?

the Hindu temple is important to Hindus because they go there to pray.

Do Hindus celebrate Diwali?

Yes, Diwali is on of the important festivals for Hindus.

Why is diwaii so important to Hindus?

Diwali is important to hindus, because of the goddess and after Diwali theres lot of story about the goddess

Why is doing 'pooja' important to Hindus?

Pooja is a form of praying for God's mercy, hence it is important to Hindus.

Where do Hindus go on a pilgrimage?

a place

What is the place for prayer of Hinduism?

Mandir Is The Hindus Prayer Place

Who is important to the Hindus?

God, the gods and goddesses, humans, all living things, the planet, the universe, and everything are important to Hindus. 'Dharma' (fulfillment of one's obligations and righteous action) is important to hindus, even more important than the question as to which God should be worshiped.

Why is a temple special to Hindus?

They are important because Hindus worship in temples. That's where they worship their gods

Where is Hinduism place of pilgrimage?

Hindus don't have any one place of pilgrimage... but one of the most important sites for pilgrims is Varanasi (Benaras), located near the Ganges River.

What is the hiduis place of worship?

A temple for Hindus.

What is the place of pilgrimage for hindus?

Ganges River.

Why is puja important to hindus?

cos it t

What is the hindhus worship place?

The place of worship for Hindus is called a Temple

Why is a Hindu shrine so important?

Because it is where the Puja is taken place daily, it is where the murti is kept and is a sacred place for Hindus to worship. Dr Sir Mr Knowitallkawasgima Namli

Where do Hindus practice?

hindus practice in a place called a mandir which is a temple. Also they're book is the Vedas.

What activities do hindus do at a Hindu temple?

Hindus worship deities and help at the place of worship known as a mandir.

Why is fire and light important to Hindus?

i think fire and light is important just to celeberate Indian weddings and festivals of hindus like Diwali,holi etc..

Why is tradition so important to Hindus?

because hindus celebrate any festival they follow first cultures and tradition.

Why is Hinduism important for hindus today?

because it connects hindus with their ancestors. It also makes their faith in God stronger.

Why is devali important to hindus?

devali is important because it is a time to spend with your family.

What does the hindus place of worship look like?


Why is Haridwar important for Hindus?

holy Ganga flows there.