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it plugs into the tube between your air filter box and your throttle body

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Where is blower resistor for 95 Cadillac?

the resistor is located in the blower module which is located under the hood by the a/c evaprator case

Why should care about resistor temperature increase?

hen the wire inside the resistor will melt and the circuit will be broken

Where is the heater resistor1994 Cadillac concourse?

Try asking this question again calling it a blower resistor.

What happens to the resistance through a resistor as the potential difference across a resistor changes?

A resistor will not change its value, unless the voltage exceeds the designed power capacity of the resistor. As the voltage increases, the current will increase, if the current gets too high it will cause the temperature of the resistor to increase, if the temperature exceeds the power rating of the resistor then the resistance WILL change. If it goes too High in temperature the resistor will open and current will no longer flow. A resistor is used to control current, and indirectly the .voltage depending on the application. Hope This helps. You must use Ohms Law to see the relationship.

How emitter resistor provide more stabilization?

The emitter resistor places limits on the required gain, and temperature stabilizes the transistor. Without it, gain is hFe, but that is variable, temperature dependent, and subject to thermal runaway. With it, gain is predictable (collector resistor divided by emitter resistor, though limited by hFe), and temperature stabilized (so long as both resistors have the same temperature coefficient, and so long as the hFe margin is maintained).

What are the thermisters?

It's a resistor that changes values based on the temperature.

What is swamp resistor?

Resistor placed in the emitter lead of a transistor circuit to minimize the effects of temperature on the emitter-base junction resistance.

What is the working priciple of the thermistor?

A; The thermistor is a resistor that directly changes with temperature.

What is nonlinear resistor?

a resistor that varies its resistance thermistor varies with temperature (most materials do this) varistor resistance goes down with voltage across it

Where is the Blower Motor Resistor located on a 1999 Cadillac Escalade?

Inside dashboard in path of air that blower motor blows.

Where is the blower resistor located on a 97 cadillac?

Blower motor speed resistors are generally located close to the blower motor.

Swamping resistor is made up of?

Swamping resistor is mostly made of manganin or constantan because these materials have temperature coefficients very close to zero thus there is a very less change in the resistance of these materials with change in temperature.

What is the function of a sensistor?

the sensistor functions as a temperature sensitive resistor with a positive coefficient of temperature.used for temperature compensation in various circuits

What is resistor pair?

A resistor pair is two resistors, often matched as to temperature coefficient and/or tolerance. This allows you to build a highly accurate and stable voltage divider.

Why can a semiconductor measure temperature?

Semiconductor resistance depends on temperature. So, you can use a shunt resistor to measure semiconductor voltage with a given current and, then, obtain temperature.

How many resistor colors BANDS ARE THere?

3 to 6 depending on precision and temperature characteristics.

What will a 12 ohm resistors temperature be when 12 volt is applied?

A 12 ohm resistor with 12 V across it will dissipate 12 watts. To determine the temperature of the resistor, you need more information. The resistor and 12 V supply could be inside an oven, in which case it would be very hot, or in Antarctica, in which case it would be very cold.

What is thermistorhow is it works?

A thermistor is a temperature sensitive resistor, there are two types: 1) If the temperature rise the resistance will go higher 2) If the temperature rise the resistance will go lower

Blower resistor relay on a 1988 cadillac?

What model? This probably has electronic Climate control,therefore there isn't a Blower resistor. The blower is controlled by a Blower Motor Module...its mounted on the HVAC case under the hood near/next to the blower motor.

What does a temperature sensore do?

It measures temperature - either absolute or relative. The most common type consist of a resistor whose resistance changes with temperature; a voltage is applied and the current output is measured.

How sensitive is 22k resistor?

"Sensitivity" is not a word normally applied to resistors. Characteristics of resistors include "resistance", "tolerance", "power rating", and "temperature coefficient". "Inductance" and "capacitance" are also used in describing certain critical performance resistors. A 22 KOhm resistor will require 22 v of voltage to induce a current of 1 ma. This is Ohm's Law: voltage = current times resistance.

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