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90% of them are on the body side of the door around the hinges

On interior doors in a residence. The best location is on the latch side and in the room you will be entering.

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Q: Where is the interior door light switch?
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Door switch for interior light vw polo?

The door switch for the VW Polo can go bad and cause the interior light to stay on. The switch must be changed, there is no way to repair it.

Why does interior light stay on vw?

One of the door switches could be stuck. Or the interior light switch could be going bad. See if the open door light is staying on, of if the interior light switch seems stuck or loose.

Where is 2001 Ford Ranger interior dome light switch?

The interior door switch may be built into the door latch. It is on the 2001 Ford F-150.

Where is the interior door light switch on a 1999 ford ranger?

inside the door panel

2002 Camry LE Where do you find the switch to turn the interior lights onso that when you open the door the interior light will come on?

On the interior lights for the back seats, there is a switch. When you turn the switch to "Door" mode it will make the lights turn on when the door is opened.

Where is the interior light door switch on an 07 Volkswagen Polo?

On the catch

Where is the interior light door switch on a Volvo V70?

in the locking mechanism

How to remove Vauxhall astra interior light?

Interior light for astra mk3 not coming on when door opened or headlight switch pulled.

Dodge interior lights stay on when you close the door?

You may have the main switch turned on for the light. If the main switch is on, closing the door will not result in the light going off.

How do you fix a 2002 Ford Expedition door ajar light that will not go out even when door is closed?

If your interior light is also on, replace the door switch.

Why do the courtesy lights on a 1997 Blazer not turn off when you close the driver's side door?

Could be the interior light switch on the dash is turned on or the door light switch is broken.

What could be causing the interior overhead light to not extinguish?

The door switch is coroded or broken.

Why doesn't the interior lights turn on when I open the door on a 2000 Mercedes E430?

Fuse, bulb, wiring, door switch, switch on overhead light.

Interior light in ford mustang does not turn off?

Check to see if the door ajar light is on. If it is, then a door may not me closing fully or the door switch is bad. Check the dash dimmer light, to make sure that it has not been bumped to "interior light on" setting.

Why does the 97 grand Cherokee's interior lights come on when key is removed and stay on until the battery is drained?

The interior light switch is on or a door switch is bad.

Why are the interior lights not working on your 1994 Suburban?

AnswerCheck the fuse Check the control switch on dash (if any) labeled with a light bulb symbolMy Interior lights worked when I turned them on manually with the roll switch, but when I set the switch to neutral and placed the auto switch to on, so that when the doors were opened the light should come on, they would not.Answer: The little push switch located on the side of the dash when the door is closed its pressed in by the door, when the door is open the switch springs out and the light comes on. If this switch is bad or has a short (jiggle) interior lights wont work when door is open and dash is set to AUTO. Replace!

What would make the interior light on a 92 ford pop on?

Back door switch rusted and broke causing the switch not to make contact when the door closes.

What keeps the interior light on in a 1998 Monte Carlo?

Very possible a door switch is defective.

Interior lights will not go out in 97 monty Carlo?

Door jamb switch is defective light switch is defective or not turned off.

Why doesn't the interior light turn on when you open the door of a 2011 MazdaTribute I?

Check your drivers manual, the interior light probably has a master switch somewhere that is turned off.

White or orange wire hot for interior light that goes to door on a 1983 Chevy Silverado pickup?

Not sure what you are asking there is a white wire on the door switch for the interior lighting.

If door switch is not the problem why does dome light stay on?

Perhaps you turned on the interior lights when you were adjusting the headlights?

On my 2003 tiburon When you open the passangers door the interior light does not work nor the door ajar light comes on any help?

either the light is switched off at the light unit or the earth where the switch locates at the door is poor

1996 Mercury Grand Marquise Where is the interior lighting switch on the door?

I have a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquise. Where is the interior lighting switch on the door.

Your Renault clio interior light wont turn off?

Check that a door sensor isn't broken. When you are in the car and all the doors are closed and the car is on, check if the light on the dashboard that signals that a door is open is lit. If it is the sensor switch will need to be fixed on whichever door is broken. On the second generation Clio, the interior light can be switched between the main light and a movable spotlight. Carefully moving the switch to between the two modes will turn off the interior light.