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Under the cage

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Q: Where is the key to unlock the cage in poptropica in spy island?
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How do you get to the vampire on vampire curse in poptropica?

you have to get the key and unlock katya from the cage and then you meet the vampire.

What do you unlock with the key from early poptropica on Counterfeit Island?

Since you couldn't find a key to unlock the cottage in the Country Side, this is probably it.

What do you do after you got to the top of the BAD building on poptropica spy island?

you get the key and unlock the agent

How do you get in the inspectder's house in Poptropica?

later in the game you will need to go to the curator in early poptropica island , she will give you the key and go back and use the key to unlock the door

Where is the key to open the cage in spy island in poptropica?

There isn't one you have to use the cherry bomb to blast it open

How do you get the key to unlock the girl in the cage in the room with the Venus fly traps on poptropica?

you don't need a key you just go all the way to the right on the bottom floor and grab the cherry bomb and move it really fast to the cage before it explodes! When it does explode it has to be by the cage and then the cage will be open!

What do you do with the keycard on Poptropica?

If you are referring to the keycard in Poptropica Counterfeit Island, you use it to unlock a door in the secret lair, which can be found in the countryside. It is locked so you have to find a key.

Where do you use the steam battery on poptropica?

First, collect a key scattered around the island, such as Sully's Key. Click the lock next to the door. It will unlock the door.

How do you get the keys to unlock the girl on vampire's curse island poptropica?

u find the root and find the forula and there is a shiny cane where the key is.

What do you do when you get the key from the lady in early Poptropica in Poptropica?

If your talking about Counterfeit Island then you get the key and go back to the museum on Counterfeit Island

Who do you find the key in the plant place in poptropica?

You mean to the cage?There is no key! you knock down the cherry bomb from the tree and push it to the cage.

On poptropica what do you use the key for?

to unlock the bad guys house

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