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Where is the keyless entry code located on a 2006 ford five hundred?

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Under the steering column, there is a black fuse box. You will need to undo the 3 screws that hold the fuse box up. It is easier if you undo the bottom dash trim under the steering column. Once you have undone the screws on the fuse box (leave the wires attached) pull the fuse box down, and on the top side there is a sticker with your factory keycode. You will need a flashlight and possible a mirror, I was able to pull mine down far enough to get my head up inside the steering column to read the numbers. Remember if using a mirror the numbers are backwards to the way you are reading them.

2014-06-13 21:55:19
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Do all Ford Taurus 2006 come with keyless remotes?

No, keyless entry was an extra-cost option.

How do you find the factory set keyless entry code on the computer module of your 2006 Ford Five Hundred?

it is down by the brake pedal on a metal box

How can you tell if your 2006 Ford F150 has keyless remote entry?

how do i program it

Does your car have a keyless entry system?

yes it does, i have a 2006 civic lx

Where is the keyless entry pad entry code on a 2006 Mercury Mariner?

its on a little card in the glove box

Where is the computer module on a 2006 Ford Explorer?

The computer module for the keyless entry system on the 2006 Ford Explorer is behind the rear passenger seat. It is located under the seat belt panel.

How do you know if your 2006 Kia Sportage has keyless entry?

Because if the KIA sportage has power locks it has or can get a key less entry system

Where is the keyless entry key pad entry code on a 2006 ford F150?

Follow this link -

Where do i find the Keyless entry keypad for a 2006 Eddie Bauer explorer?

Ford dealer or ebay.

Does the 2006 Suzuki Forenza Wagon have keyless entry?

It all depends on which package that you buy if you buy the convenience package it usually comes with keyless entry. I got a forenza s so mine did not come with keyless entry but I plan on getting it soon. You can usually tell if it does or not by looking at the drivers side lock there is a red light next to it that blinks

Does the remote for key less entry in a 2006 Mazda 3 contain trunk release If so which button does that?

No, the only features on the 2006 Mazda 3 Keyless Entry Remote is Lock, Unlock, and Panic.

How do you repair the rear latch on the 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara keyless entry?

To repair the rear latch on the 2006 Suzuki gran Vitara keyless entry you need to first remove the latch from its position. Next, spray the latch with WD40 to loosen it and either replace it or hit it softly with a hammer until it starts to work.

Trying to find the Keyless Entry code on a 2006 Ford Expedition?

on my 2003 expedition the code is located behind the access panel on the passenger side floor board where the fuse box is it is a 5 digit number.

Where are the preset factory code for keyless entry for a 2006 Ford Taraus?

take vin number to ford dealer and they should give them to you

Where is the keyless code for a 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis the dealer didn't give us anything?

If you take the Driver's side interior door panel off, there should be a black module with a white sticker on it located near the back (near the catch) of the door. That sticker should have the keyless entry code on it.

How do you reset Kia Spectra 2006 keyless entry?

Need to reset alarm on my 07 Kia Spectra because I just changed the battery.

How do you program used remote keyless entry for the 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt?

Look in your owners manual to see if anything is in there about programming it and if nothing you will have to let the dealer do it.

How do you reprogram keyless entry remotes on Kia Spectra?

hi . plese i need programe remote kia spectra 2006 tanks

Where do you find keyless entry keypad code on a 2006 mercury mountaineer?

sticker in the glove comparment or you can program your own with the manual or go to the dealer,they might charge for it.

How to Program keyless remote 2006 Honda civic?

you have to take it to the dealer

How do you program a keyless remote for a 2006 Chrysler 300?

You have to have a scan tool.

Should the keyless for your 2006 Kia Sportage flash the lights?


Where is the carburetor located in a 2006 ford five hundred?

The engine is fuel injected , so it doesn't have a carburetor

HYUNDAI Keyless Entry Remotes & Programming Instructions WHERE CAN I GET THIS BESIDE A DEALER WHO IS TOO EXPENSIVE 2006 TIBORON 2.7?

Cut and paste your question topic into Google. You'll get a hit for a Hyundai forum with lots of discussion about the keyless remotes, how much they cost, etc. Further down the page in earlier discussions, there are several explanations as to how to program them.

Where is the computer module with the keyless entry code located on a 2006 explorer xlt?

Door Code Location...I actually found the door code behind the fuse box area (Driver Side) on my brother's 2000 Ford Expedition EB. There is a big white sticker with 5 numbers starting with number 1####. Hope this helps...