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She's in pastoria city.


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Near Hearthome City The Lady (Near The Berry Master) 15 catch Combee with sweet honey

amity square in heart home city, berry master on route 208, berry plants, wild Pokemon holding them, lady inside flower shop in floaroma town, lady in small house in pastoria city near the pokemart, and Pokemon holding berries in trades

Go to the top of the lost tower south of Soleacean town (an old lady gives it to you).

1st catch shayman in Pokemon pearl or diamond them trade it 2nd go to floroma town and talk to a lady in front of the berry place

You go into one of the houses below the Galactic warehouse in Veilstone and an old lady gives you a proygon.

Go to the hiking girl south-west of pastoria or the Berry Master west of Hearthome and they will eventually give you one if you keep going back each day. >>> the berry master and the lady in floaroma can give you it, but its a rare chance.

happiny into chancy if its happy enough to make it have you can go to Veilstone City to the lady who gives your Pokemon masagges or let your Pokemon eat their favorite taste poffin

no Pokemon hold lava cookie but you can get it from the lady in lake valor simply find her key(with a Pokemon with pickup ability) then go inside and there you go she gives you a lava cookie

go rto the massage lady in veilstone city

Palkia but sadly you cant get palkia in diamond but there is an old lady in a town to the north that will show you it and it will be complete.

Yes, there is a lot of rare berries, just talk to peuple and there will be some who will give you one! Try pastoria city, there is a lady there who gives you rare berries!

Lady Anne Berry was born in 1919.

go to solaceon town, then talk to the old lady, then she will ask you the Pokemon you will give

In the upper level of a Pokemon center, talk to the first lady.

Some lady in a city will trade you it but it will stay as haunter.

A lady in the pokecenter in Eterna city will give you it.

she is in the house that is bigger than the others.

After you give the Old Charm to the lady in Celestic Town you get Surf

yes ninetails is in a diamond and pearl episode when this lady has a ninetails

The top of Lavender tower, which is in Solaceon Town. An old lady has it.

go and talk to a lady named Julia in sunyshore city every day she gives you a ribon a day and you need ten ribbons on your first Pokemon to get into the ribbon syndicate building

in the Pokemon center up the escelator the last lady you find

She is in the celadon mansion which is next to celadon city's Pokemon center.

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