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Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The Bible mentions two Havilahs in the Table of Nations: Havilah the son of Cush (Gen. 10:7) and Havilah the son of Joktan (Gen. 10:29). The "land of Havilah" has been interpreted by many biblical scholars to be Arabia, and Joktan is considered to be the head of the tribes of Arabia, as most of his sons can be traced to places and districts within what is now Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Apparently the "land of Havilah" referred to a whole region rather than one particular place, since there appears to have been more than one tribe by that name. (from the American Scientific Affiliation web page)

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The region in Genesis is usually associated with either the Arabian Peninsula or north-west Yemen, but in the work associated with the Garden of Eden by Juris Zarins, the Hijaz mountains appear to satisfactorily meet the description. The Hejaz includes both the Cradle of Gold at Mahd adh Dhahab and a possible source of the "Pishon River" - a biblical name that has been speculated to refer to a now dried-out river formerly flowing 600 miles (970 km) northeast to the Persian Gulf via the Wadi Al-Batin system. Archaeological research led by Farouk El-Baz of Boston University indicates that the river system, now prospectively known as the Kuwait River, was active 2500-3000 BC. Bdellium plants are also abundant in the Hijaz.

Source: The Pishon River - Found. by C.A. Salabach at Focus Magazine

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pishon river is the surroundings of land of havilah
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land of havilah was surrounded by pishon river and please checked god culture you tube
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follow the the god culture you tube and you will find it there. that is the land of creation.

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where is this river located pison

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Q: Where is the land of Havilah in the Bible located?
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