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Where is the last bolt on the water pump on a 1994 Mazda B-3000 pick-up if you have everything else off?


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2006-06-11 16:48:15
2006-06-11 16:48:15

It is behind the bracket that holds your power steering pump. You have to remove that entire bracket to get to the last bolt.


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It is behind the timing case cover behind the crankshaft pulley.You have to remove the timing belt to replace the water pump for this repair.

a cutting out water pump usually means it will soon be vaper locked or it is getting old and needs replacing!! hope this helps-HI CALLUM

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On four cylinder models, the water pump will be attached to the timing cover on the front-side of the engine. Typically behind the fan clutch and pulley. On six cylinder models, the water pump is typically in a similar location, but additional accessories may need to be removed to access it.

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The water pump on the Mazda 'KL' V6 motors is on the passenger's side of the engine, in the center, under the motor mount, right beside the strut tower. The power steering pump belt also runs the water pump. To replace the pump you will need to remove the timing belt and tensioners, so it is advised to do everything at once when one or the other needs changed.

I found the answer here: http://www.mazdaforum.com/forum/mazda-mx-3-mazda-mx-6-25/water-leak-17642/

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