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last cylinder on the passenger side

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Q: Where is the location of cylinder number 8 on the GM Vortec 5700 engine?
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Where is the location of cylinder number 5 in a GM 4.8 vortec engine?

That would be the 3ed spark plug from the front on the drivers side head.

Which cylinder is the number one clyinder on a vortec 5.3 engine?

Number one is the front cylinder on the driver side.

Number one cylinder Chevrolet v-8 5.7 vortec engine?

Drivers side front

Position of number one cylinder on amc 360 engine?

The location of number 1 cylinder is front left.

Where is the location of the number 1 spark plug on a 2.7 engine Dodge Intrepid?

The number one cylinder for the 2.7 Dodge engine on the passenger side. It is the cylinder closest to the front of the engine.

Where is number one cylinder location on dodge 2.7 liter engine?

right side

Where is number 1 cylinder on Chevy Trailblazer?

4200 Vortec Inline 6 cylinder engine #1 cylinder is at the front of the engine as you stand out front and look at it. Remove the resonator box on top of the motor to expose the coil packs. The spark plugs are under them.

Location of number two cylinder on a 2002 cadillac escalade 6.0 engine?

The location of the number two cylinder on a 2002 Cadillac Escalade with a 6.0 is the front cylinder on the passenger side. It would be on the left when you are looking toward the windshield.

What Chevy engine has casting number 10243878?

I have a 1996 305, Vortec with that number on it.

Where is bank 1 on an engine?

bank one is the side that ncludes cylinder number 1. the location of cylinder 1 varies depending on manufacterer

What is the location of Number 1 piston on chevy 350 engine?

The front cylinder on the driver's side is #1.

Where is the number 3 cylinder on a 1999 Sienna V-6?

Cylinder location: 1 3 5 2 4 6 Front of engine

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