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Where is the location of the AC Heater relay switch for a for the fan blower on a 2000 Dodge Stratus?


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2005-08-13 20:38:42
2005-08-13 20:38:42

I found mine on the inside of the car on the passenger side. You need to remove the cover on the firewall on the inside. Lay down on the floor looking up to the roof of the car. You will see it attached here close to same location as the glove box area.


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A Dodge Stratus does not have a reset switch.

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you will find it in the heater box, also where the blower is. it is easy to remove.

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Blown fuse. Burned out blower speed resistor. Faulty blower switch. Bad blower motor.

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The blower switch is the knob you turn on the heater control in the dashboard. If you are talking about the blower motor resistor, it is located in the passenger's foot well area, mounted in the heater box.

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