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This is kinda confusing so I will try to make it as un-confusing as possible. As you look at the engine the PCVValve is centered (left to right) all the way on the back side of the intake manifold (right up against the firewall). If you have REALLY small hands and arms you MIGHT be able to get it, but most likely you will have to remove the intake plenum from the top of your engine. There is a vacuum line that runs from the bottom of your intake plenum to the PCV Valve, so as you take the plenum off, it may pull the valve out with it. hope this helps, and let me know if you need more detailed tips.

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Q: Where is the location of the PCV on a 1988 Crown Vic 302 EFI?
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Does the 1988 Lincoln Town car have electronic fuel injection?

Unless you have a different engine than what came with it, yes, you have a Ford 302 EFI. Since it is an EFI, you have no Carb.

Where is the connection for the EFI on an 87 crown vic 302 boss engine?

There was no Boss 302 Crown Vic; the Boss 302 was a special option only in Mustangs in the late '60's/early '70's (essentially Windsor block/Cleveland heads). You have a standard 5.0L non-High Output V8. The EFI harness in 5.0L Crown Victorias typically terminates at the rear of the engine behind and below the upper intake plenum with two large round shaped connectors. However, if you have a Police Model 87 Vic, it would be the 5.8L 352 Windsor Engine.

What are the timing specs for a 1992 F150 302?

10 degrees BTDC with EFI

When was EFI Technology Inc created?

EFI Technology Inc was created in 1988-10.

Will a two barrel carburetor on a 302 ford get better fuel economy than an efi?


Does a 1986 f150 302 efi have 2 fuel filters?

some do . some don't

What the cylinder PSI is for a 1988 Ford Bronco 302 EFI?

Answer: Like blood pressure, normal should be 160-175PSI. 20-30PSI higher or lower indicates a possible internal problem.

How much does a EFI to carb conversion cost on a 94 bronco with a 302 v8?

check on for the components you need.

When did ford change 302 in F150 from carb to fuel injected?

From what I could find , it looks like the 1985 F-150 with the 302 ( 5.0 L ) was available with the VIN - " F " - 302 with 2 barrel carb or the VIN - " N " - 302 EFI 1985 was the first year a fuel injected 302 was available in the F-150

How much horsepower does a 1988 Toyota 22r have?

106 horse power if EFI

How much horsepower does a 1990 ford crown vic 5.0l efi engine produce?

140 HP

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How much hp in a 86 305?

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Where is the location and how to I get to the Jeep liberty 2002 Carbureator to clean it?

there is no carb on the 02 jeep liberty, it is efi.

What year did ford start using EFI truck motors?

I believe that fuel injection was available on the 1985 - 5.0 L ( 302 cubic inch - V8 )

Will a late 70's 302 work in a 1994 f150 that has a fuel injected 302?

Yes, it will work. Take the intake manifold/EFI off the '94 block and put on the 70's block. Should work just fine.

What is the horsepower rating of a 1995 5.0 H.O. Mustang GT?

Hi, there, Ford's 1995 SVT cobra mustang equipped with a factory 5.0L overhead valve motor makes 240HP and 285ft-lb of torque. Check out

Where can you find a diagram showing the location of the EFI sensors in a TBI 350?

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Where is the oxygen sensor in 1993 Ford F150 302 EFI 5.0L?

If it has any, they would be screwed right into the exhause manifolds on each side of the engine with a wire coming off the end of them.

How do you swap a efi 302 v8 ford engine for a 402 bb Chevy into ford pickup f150?

You don't because anyone who owns a ford should not put a Chevy motor in it.

How do you install a efi ford 302 in a car that is not efi?

You'll need to cut the wiring harness out of a donor car that has a matching efi system and transplant it into yours. You'll also need the eec computer from the passenger side dash of the donor car. I would recommend using an early nineties system as they have the mass air sensor on the intake instead of the less useful speed density unit. All though you would have to remove that from the intake of a 90's 302 and transplant it if you're intake is meant for speed density. Worth the upgrade if you plan to do any mods for hp

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How do you change valve cover gaskets on a 88 efi ford 302?

Drivers side is easy passenger side is tough and you must remove the top of the intake to do this. Just the top not the whole thing.

What is efi engine?

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)