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Where is the location of the coolant temperature sensor for cooling fans on a 1999 Pontiac sunfire 2.2L?

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Just behind the alternator, on the coolant pipe. It has a two wire connection, and is very easy to find and replace. Be sure to release pressure from system by loosening the cap or wait til the engine is cool. The engine ECM/cooling fan sensor is located on the driver side(rear end) of the engine, screwed into the housing that the radiator hose attaches to. It has two wires, brown and yellow, and has an oval shaped plug. If you unplug it with the engine running, then the cooling fan should kick on in about 8 to 10 seconds. If not then the fan motor needs replaced or the relay doesn't work and needs to be replaced. This relay is labeled and is located in the relay center on the driver side, next to the battery.

2009-12-08 19:06:50
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Where is the location of the coolant temperature sensor for the cooling fans on a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire?

On my 99 sunfire it is directly to the back/side of the alternator; very easy to spot

Where is the cooling fan temperature sensor located on a 1993 Pontiac grandam?

It is the coolant temp sensor near the upper radiator hose.

Location of coolant temperature sensor 1997 Plymouth grand voyager 3.3 litre.Is there two sensors?

were is the cooling temperature sensor located on my 96 Plymouth grand voyager

How do you reset the low coolant light on 97 Pontiac grand prix?

there is no reset you have replace the low coolant sensor and flush cooling system and use dexcool coolant.

Is coolant fluid supposed to come out when you change the coolant temperature sensor?

this is normal,because the coolant temp sensor is supposed to be in direct contact with the cooling fluid in order to read its temperature

Where is the coolant sensor located on a 05 Chevy aveo?

Where is the temperature cooling sensor located

1993 Pontiac grand am cooling fans don't come on?

Check the temperature sensor

Does a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am have a coolant bleeder valve if so where is it?

No, older cars didn't have bleeder valves on the cooling systems.

What would keep the engine running cold in a 96 Pontiac sunfire a faulty Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor or a bad relay for the cooling fan which keep the fan always running or both?

more likely to be a faulty coolant sensor or the thermostat is faulty and staying open

How do you get low coolant light off in a 95 Pontiac trans am 5.7L.?

make sure the cooling system is full and if it still won't go out you need to replace the coolant sensor.

What is the function of cooling fan?

Keep the engine coolant or antifreeze from rising above its operational temperature.

Why should a water cooling system be pressurized?

Higher pressure raises the boiling temperature of the coolant.

Coolant fan tempertureswitch location on Hyundai getz?

On the bottom lhs of the cowling or cooling fan housing.

Why would the temperature on a 1993 Plymouth Voyager 30 go up when parking and not when driving?

Because when your moving, air is moving at the radiator, cooling it down, thus cooling your coolant down, thus cooling your motor temperature down causing the coolant temperature sensor to pick up a lower reading and relaying it to the gauge. Depending on how high it is in "Park" you may have poor circulation, a broken or missing fan shroud, weak water pump impellers, low coolant, inactive coolant fans or a bad fan clutch.

Where is the Coolant temperature sensor on a 1999 mondeo?

The coolant temperature sensor on a 1999 Mondeo is located on top of the engine, in the intake manifold. It constantly updates the vehicle's computer and controls the cooling fan.

Cooling fans do not come on my 99 Nissan Maxima?

The cooling fans on a 99 Nissan Maxima will not come on if the coolant temperature sensor is defective. The fan only comes on when the temperature passes a threshold.

How does the coolant reservoir work?

when the engine is running and coolant will become hot to its operating temperature,the cooling system is under pressure,coolant will overflow and goes to coolant reservoir.when the engine goes cold coolant will go back to the rediator.

My 89 Pontiac 6000 cooling fan will not come on though Fan is okay and temp sensor replaced and relays ok but fan works only when temp senor unplugged or air is on so what do I do?

Check the temperature at the radiator when hot Cooling fan is designed to come on only when:A/C Compressor is on (either during cooling or defrosting) orwhen coolant temperature exceeds 235 degrees Fahrenheit

Does a 2005 dodge neon have a cooling temp sensor?

Yes, a Dodge Neon has a coolant temperature sensor.

Where is the cooling temperature sensor at 2004 blazer?

If you mean coolant temperature sensor.... ITs on the driver side, behind the alternator. Must remove the alternator!

At what temperature should the cooling fans turn on 2002 Pontiac grand prix?

227 degrees fahrenheit

What is the coolant capacity for a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 3.8 liter supercharged engine?

Total Cooling System Capacity (qts): 12.3

Why does a coolant have to travel through sealed pipes?

A few of the reasons: 1. So that the coolant does not leak out of the system. 2. So that the coolant can be made to circulate through the pipes (pressure is required). 3. So that Pressure can build up in the cooling system. This allows the coolant to reach a higher temperature before boiling. Once at its boiling point, the temperature will not rise, and additional cooling is inhibited.

Where is the Subaru coolant temperature sensor located?

The coolant temperature sensor on a Subaru is located on top of the engine near the upper radiator hose. It constantly updates the vehicles computer to regulate the speed of the cooling fan.

Where is the cooling fan switch located on a 1986 Honda CRX?

If you are talking about the coolant temperature switch that turns the fan on when the coolant reaches the right temperature, then mine it is located in the bottom of the radiator directly under the fan.