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the lighter fuse is the radio fuse also

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Q: Where is the location of the radio fuse for a Suzuki XL-7?
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Do you have a fuse box diagram for a 2002 Suzuki XL7 under dash fuse box?

it is on the front of the black cover that comes off the front of the fuse box

How do you change headlight on suzuki xl7 2008?

How do you change headlight on suzuki xl7

Where is The radio fuse for a Suzuki XL7 2002?

La caja de fusibles esta debajo del timon en el panel izquierdo, tiene una tapa de color negro. Rosquin

Where is the location ofFuel filter 2004 suzuki xl7?

Underneath Car near rear axle

Location of PCV valve suzuki XL7 2001?

behind the d/s valve cover..PIA to do...

Where is the fuse for a cigarette lighter in a 2007 suzuki xl7?

Check the fuse block under the hood (driver's side in the "08 XL7). The '08 has 2 lighter socket circuits: #3 (labelled "PWR") and #40 (labelled "AUX"). Hope this helps.

WHERE is the fuse for the power outlet in suzuki xl7 2007?

This answer is for the 2008 XL7, but it may help: Under the hood (driver's side), there is a fuse panel. In the '08 models, Circuit #3 ("PWR") is for the front outlets, and #40 ("AUX") is for the rear.

What does model GVT stand for in the Suzuki XL7?

Suzuki XL7 was previously known as the Grand Vitara (GVT for short)

What is the wheel nut torque specifications for a 2007 Suzuki XL7?

the wheel torque for an 07 Suzuki XL7 is 80 lbs

Why is your ac light flashing on your suzuki xl7 2008?

I have a Suzuki xl7 2008 and the ac light is flashing and the Suv will not start

Location of distributor cap Suzuki xl7?

THe XL7 has no distributer cap,for every spark plug you will have an individual coil pack on the top held in by one bolt,there will also be a wire harness for each coil pack.

Where is the fuse box for a 2001 Suzuki XL7 and which fuse is for the fog lights?

for the tail lights all the other lights are working blanking lights brake lights and reverse lights but no tail lights on both side

What is the firing order for a 2002 Suzuki xl7 2.7?


How do you bleed the brakes 2005 suzki xl7 2wd?

How do I bleed brakes on a 2005 suzuki xl7 2wd

Where is the evaporator purge solenoid located on a 2007 suzuki XL7?

where is the evaporator on a suzuki Sx4

How do you change the water pump on a suzuki xl7 2002?

To change a water pump on a Suzuki xl7 2002 you should have knowledge about automobiles, so its better to not do it at home and take it to the mechanic nearby.

Front power outlet fuse for 2008 suzuki xl7?

Under the hood (driver's side): Circuit #3 ("PWR") is for the front outlets, Circuit #40 ("AUX") is for the rear.

Towing rate for a suzuki xl7?

3000 pounds

Is there a heater core on the 2002 suzuki XL7?


Do you have timing mark diagram for suzuki 2.5 L engine?

timing on an 03 suzuki xl7

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a V6 Suzuki XL-7?

where is the coolant temperature sensor on a suzuki xl7 2002

Where is a principal fuses to cigarrete port in a front suzuki XL7 2006 no working and fuses is good?

Where is a principal fuses to cigarrete port in a front suzuki XL7 2006 no working and fuses is good?

How do you change plugs on 2001 suzuki vitara?

How do you change spark plugs on a 2001 suzuki vitata xl7

Suzuki XL7 2003 when you changed your battery the radio stopped working it says SYS how can you fix it?

in most cases all you have to do is hit the power button or it may have to have a code to start it up

What is the size of the suzuki xl7 fuel tank?

it is 16.9 gal.