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In the steering column. The flasher is uder the dash by the steering column, howver, they typically do NOT go bad. The most common cause for turn signal failure is the hazard switch on the dash, about $35.00 from Hyundai.

I can't speak for the 1997, but my 1996 Elantra wagon's flasher is located WAY under the dash about a foot to the right of the fuse box and to the left of the steering column. Locate the foot rest/pad on the drivers left and then go straight up from there. (You'll have to lay upside-down on the floor to actually get to find it/change it.)

The flasher is installed on a black connector block about 6" long and 2" wide. My flasher was still the factory installed unit and it has the letters "BL-10Z DOT" on the back and a blue plastic label on the top with a bunch of numbers, but most importantly the word "HAZARD" (as in hazard or emergency lights) on it.

To remove it squeeze the black prongs together and you should be able to pull the unit out. The Hyundai dealership wanted $57 for a replacement, so I used a 3rd party replacement that doesn't have the plastic prongs, but since it was only $15, I figure I can still buy a lot of Duct Tape if needed. <grin>

Note that you do NOT have to remove the dash, however, there is an "access" panel directly below the steering column, which if removed MAY give you some more light. But again, it does not allow access to the flasher. (To remove the access panel, just put your hand in the cutout and pull down.)

And finally, I checked a 3rd party service manual for help and it did NOT say anything more than that the flasher was located inside the car (the passenger compartment), so you may want to save your money.

Good luck!

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Q: Where is the location of the turn signal flasher for a '97 Hyundai Elantra?
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