2000-2005 Dodge & Plymouth Neons

Where is the location of the water pump on a 2001 Plymouth neon?


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It is inside the timing belt cover, on the front of the engine.

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The pcm is located on the drivers side of car, by the radiator.

The most simple explaination is that there is no real difference. Plymouth was the original company that both Dodge and Chrysler grew out of offically in 2001. The 2001 Plymouth Neon was the last car the Plymouth produced so really there is not many differences at all between a 2001 Plymouth Neon and a 2002 Dodge Neon.

A Plymouth Neon has one catalytic converter.

There is no difference between the Dodge and Plymouth engines.

The last Plymouth car made was a 2001 Neon.

The last Plymouth car was a 2001 Neon.

Plymouth brand was retired by its parent company, Chrysler, in 2001. The last Plymouth car was a 2001 model Neon.

The last Plymouth Neon was a 2001. That was also the last Plymouth car built.

The final Plymouth (Neon) was assembled on June 28 2001.

2001 when they sold the last Plymouth Neon the only model Plymouth sold that year.

There is no difference besides the badge on the car. I had a 2001 Plymouth neon and now have a 2002 dodge neon and the only difference between the 2 is the badges and the grill. and the grill changed with the 2002 model.

it shold be on the front or back of headers

The Chrysler/Plymouth Neon is physically the same as the Dodge Neon, since Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge were all the same company when the Neon was released.

The last Plymouth in history was a silver Neon that rolled off the assembly line June 28th, 2001

If the same year range (1995-2000 or 2001-2005) yes. They are the same car.

4.5 quarts of any name brand 5w30.

Yes! The Neon is actually manufactured by Chrysler and is known in most countries as the Chrysler Neon. Chrysler owns both Dodge and Plymouth as well and so the car is often called the Dodge Neon or Plymouth Neon in North America.

actually there is also a Plymouth neon as well as the dodge neon their pretty identical an the parts are the same

The thermostat on a 1995 Plymouth Neon is right behind the Radiator Cap.

the spark plug gap for a 2000 dodge/plymouth neon is 0.035 the spark plug gap for a 2000 dodge/plymouth neon is 0.035

95 percent of the parts of your 2003 Plymouth Neon will work on the 2005 Plymouth Neon. Some of the interior parts will be different.

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