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The question is a little confusing.Please try to be less wordy,but more precise.Thanks


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where is the engine speed sensor located on a 1999 dodge stratus 2.4 l

The speed sensor, on your Dodge Stratus, is located on the back of the transmission. The speed sensor has a wire leading to the front wheel.

The starter for a 2005 dodge stratus is mounted on the side of the engine. It is over the exhaust system.

The IAT sensor on a 2004 Dodge Stratus 2.4L is located where the radiator hose meets the engine. IAT stands for intake air temperature.

2006 dodge stratus 2.4 XST, the crank sensor is located under the starter motor, must be removed the starter motor in order to change this, just now I did that job

Yes there are numerous sensors on a Stratus.

the brake sensor for the 2001 dodge stratus is located on the inside of the car under the brake paddle.

If the check engine light is blinking on your 2005 Dodge Stratus, you most likely have a sensor that is damaged or requires replacement. You can check this by accessing the diagnostic computer at the dealership.

No, and a 2002 Stratus does not have a fuel temp sensor.

A Dodge Stratus does not have a reset switch.

Never heard of such a part on a Stratus.

When working on a car engine, it is important to have an engine diagram. A Dodge Stratus engine diagram can be found in a Dodge forum online, or in the repair manuals at Auto shops.

The crankshaft sensor on a 2006 Dodge Stratus is located on the bottom of the engine near the oil filter. It tells the vehicle's computer where the crankshaft is located at any given moment. On the v6 it is on the top of the bell housing.

No , the DOHC engine is not an interference engine ( but the SOHC is an interference engine ) in a 2002 Dodge Stratus 2.4 liter

The engine size in a 96 Dodge Stratus is a 2.4 liter could have a 2.0L. It should say it right on the engine.

A 2000 Dodge Stratus has four engine mounts.

Where is the crank sensor on a 2003 dodge stratus 4 door 2.4 L DOHC?

The cam sensor is part of the distributor, the entire distributor needs changed. You can not get the cam sensor separately.

The sensor is located inside the distribuitor

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