Where is the longest celebration of Christmas?

Longest Christmas Celebration

At my house! Actually, I celebrate the Yule Tide, which is the return of the Sun after the Winter Solstice, which occurs around the 20th to the 23rd of December. This is the pagan celebration that the early Christians could not eradicate, so they brought it into the church by proclaiming it to be the birthday of Jesus Christ. The Yule Tide predates Christianity by thousands of years, and is origin of such customs as decorating a tree with lights, (not a dead one, but a living tree, outdoors) exchanging gifts, gathering for feasts, and singing. The celebration of the Yule Tide extended from December 25th until the middle of February, being as there was not a lot else to do in the middle of Winter, and people took turns sharing resources while celebrating.

Christmas in some areas is celebrated for over a week, harkening back to the pagan roots of the holiday.

the longest Christmas celebration is in the Philippines. Christmas starts when September begins and the holiday season ends at epiphany, right about the first week of february. thus, the Philippines hold the record for the longest Christmas celebration in the world!