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The 1998 Ford E3 50 low pressure air conditioning port is located on the air conditioning compressor. The low pressure port will be on the right hand side of the compressor.

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What type of air conditioning coolant is used for a 1995 mercury sable

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Q: Where is the low pressure AC port on a 1998 E350 Van?
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It should be located under the dash on the drivers side.

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Where is the low pressure port on a 1990 ford van?

The low pressure port on a 1990 Ford van is in the rear of the engine compartment. It is on the passenger side, near the firewall.

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It's under the thing that lifts up at the front of the van, I think it's called a hood.

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Where is the air condition low pressure port location on 1998 GMC savana van?

on the dryer that is the silver canister on the left side under the hood near the blower motor housing. look for the black plastic cap! the low pressure port is the one the recarge hose will fit it wont fit on the hi-pressure side.

Where is the low pressure port of the AC system 1998 Pontiac transport van?

The low pressure a/c port is down low in front between the engine and the radiator about the center of the vehicle. Be careful reaching for it if the engine is running you could get your fingers in one of the fans or burn yourself on the exhaust manifold.

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