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Where is the low pressure adaptor for a 1998 Malibu v6?


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2009-08-17 17:17:58
2009-08-17 17:17:58

where is the AC low pressure valve locted? check on passengers side, between firewall and engine, about 1 to 2 ft down!! the cap has a (L) on it!!


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it has been awhile since i have recharged the a/c on a malibu, but if i remember correctly it was located behind the engine, close to the firewall

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It is on the low side line as it runs across the firewall under the hood, between the engine and the firewall, generally closer to the passenger side of the vehicle.

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To add Freon locate the low-pressure port on the A/C system, also called the low-side service port. You will find this port against the firewall, at the back of the engine compartment.

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The 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager low pressure port can be found on the top of the air conditioner compressor. The low pressure port should be labeled as such.

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Follow lines from compressor-Larger line is low pressure--port may be at or around the accumulator/drier by passenger firewall

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