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Where is the low pressure valve for recharging air conditioner on a 2000 Ford Expedition?


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2011-08-22 20:35:46
2011-08-22 20:35:46

to find lo pressure recharge valve: 1. Locate transmission oil fill tube handle on engine risht side 2. Valve is about 2 inches up and 3 inches towards firewall from this handle on the accumulator; under and behind a few wiring harness connections. Don't give up...It is there. It is well camouflaged!



R12 Low Side 7/16 in. threadedß----------à R134 Low Side 13mm Quick-disconnect

R12 High Side 3/8 in. threadedß----------à R134A High Side 16mm Quick-disconnect

its under the truck by the compressor


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I need a diagram on where is the low pressure valve on a 1999 expedition

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The low pressure air conditioner port can be found on the top of the air conditioner compressor. The low pressure port should be labeled as such.

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You can find the low pressure valve for your 1994 Pontiac Transport on the top of the air conditioner compressor. The low pressure valve will have a blue top.

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Its on your Accumulator (passenger side near the firewall). You can get a drawing of the AC system from the link below. Click on the Find your cars low side port and just follow the steps.

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