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Where is the low side port on a 1993 Ford full size van?


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2006-07-05 20:07:05
2006-07-05 20:07:05

It should be just behind the air cleaner. You can feel back there and find the suction line, then feel along it to find the valve. It will be hard to see. You can access it from the open hood, you shouldn't have to remove the doghouse.


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The low pressure port on a 1993 Ford Ranger is located close to the firewall. It can be seen just under the air filter housing.

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the diagnostic port is located behind the fuse box on the passenger side inner fender well

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The one on the passenger back side, closest to the firewall.

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the OBD2 port is below the steering wheel on the right side. It will be a plastic connector with a tapozoid shape.

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low-side charging port, located on top of the accumulator/drier, on the passenger's side firewall under the hood.

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