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Where is the male g-spot located?

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2014-04-02 15:05:04

The male g-spot is NOT in the anus. It can be stimulated through

the rectum wall, but it lies below the bladder and next to the


If the man is lying on his back, with you between his legs,

finger inserted palm side up do a "come here" motion, towards his

penis, you will feel a chestnut sized mound - the male g-spot.

The male g-spot feels like a firm bulge about the size of a

walnut. Be gentle, and as with anything take your cues from your

mans reactions. He will let you know by his movements and body

positioning what he wants.

Guys should experiment and explore their bodies. Learn where

your male g-spot is before you let your lover explore. This way you

can advise her (or him) where the spot is and what to do with


Not finding the spot and not knowing what to do with it can lead

to frustration and disappointment. While squatting, or standing

with one leg propped up on a chair or any firm surface, place one

well-lubed finger in your anus from between your thighs.

You need to be flexible and have long enough arms. Short stubby

fingers might also be a problem. You also have to have enough

courage to do it. It is somewhat frightening the first time but

gets to be routine after some practice.

Get yourself in a sexually excited state before you go probing

around for the male g-spot. Feel around outwards, or towards the

front for something that feels good when you press it -- that is

the male g-spot.

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