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Where is the manufacture label on a old shotgun ours say ttco?


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2005-12-03 07:38:13
2005-12-03 07:38:13

I have no idea what you are asking. What do you mean by "manufacture label"?


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What is year of manufacture of a Browning Shotgun A-5 with serial number 01553NP111?

That is a very early serial number!If you have a auto-5 12 gauge shotgun,then the year of manufacture is 1904.If you have a 16 gauge shotgun,then the year of manufacture is between 1910-1912.

No serial number = no way to answer.

Provide a DETAILED description of ALL markings.

Auction sites, Shotgun News, gun shows, gun shops

Your question cannot be answered without you providing the name of the maker of your shotgun,and then we can determine if there is any public data to identify the year of manufacture.

It is a model 1897. The year of manufacture is 1947. Hope this helps.

No way of knowing without you providing the model number/name of the shotgun and the serial number that goes with it.

your Winchester model 12 shotgun was made by Winchester in 1959.

The 2 letters in your serial number dates your shotgun to the year 2004.

The term record label comes from the round label in the center of a vinyl record that shows the manufacturer's name. The term record label also refers to companies that produce and manufacture music.

Impossible to answer without knowing which model.

This can be only determined by you providing the serial number to the shotgun in question.This is the only way to determine the year of manufacture of your Winchester model 12 shotgun.

The MW in your serial number indicates that the browning shotgun in question was made in the year 2004.

I cannot answer your question unless you include the model of shotgun along with the serial number to this question.

The Marlin model 24 shotgun was produced by Marlin from 1908-1915.

The letters MW that follow the serial number indicate that your Browning shotgun was made in the year 2004.

Winchester bought Cooey in 1961.

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