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Where is the map sensor located on a 1994 Ford Taurus with a 3.0 engine vin code U?


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2004-09-30 12:39:11
2004-09-30 12:39:11

The map sensor is mounted on the firewall (in the middle just below the windshield area).


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The 1994 Ford F1 50 crankshaft sensor is located on the back of the engine. You will need to remove the rear engine cover in order to access the crankshaft sensor.

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The vehicle speed sensor (vss) is generally located at the rear of the transmission.

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The 1994 S10 uses a MAP sensor, not a MAF sensor. We need to know size engine you have in that S10.

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the oxygen sensor in located in the exhaust manifold under the intake manifold at the back of the engine

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The temperature sensor on a 1994 Rodeo 3.2 liter is located on the back of the engine. You need to remove the manifold to access the sensor.

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