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Where is the metric system not used?

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The metric system is not used in U.S.A, but is used almost every where else

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What is the number for the metric system?

Any number can be used in the metric system.

What is the metric system most commonly used for?

The metric system is used for measuring anything and everything.

What kinds of degrees and temperatures are used in the metric system?

The metric system is used for temperatures from Celsius.

Is Fahrenheit in the metric system?

No. Celsius and Kelvin are the temperatures used in the metric system.

Where can you find a place that uses the metric system?

The metric system is used everywhere.

What unit did french use before metric system?

Before the French used the metric system, they used a traditional system similar to the Imperial system.

Compare and contrast English system from metric system?

The metric system is used by all scienist. The elglish system is used only in 3 countries

What is a metric system used all over the world?

The metric, or SI, system is used all over the world.

What is the metric system used for?

The metric system is an internationally agreed system for measuring physical and chemical attributes.

How are the metric system and English system used in everyday life?

the metric and english system are used in everyday life for certain measurements and distances

How do the US use the metric system?

both imperial and metric system is used but scientist use the metric system the most.the metric system is also called the international system also known as the SI unit.

What is Australia's metric system?

There is basically ONE metric system currently used worldwide. It is called the SI. All countries that use "the metric system" are really using the SI. Other metric systems were used in the past, but they are not commonly used in any country.

What unit measures mass in the metric system?

(g) grams- is the unit used in the metric system.

When measuring temperature in the metric system the unit is the?

measuring temperature the metric system of °C is used.

Is a pound a part of the metric system?

Pound is used to measure currency. It is a part of metric system.

What are the units used to measure in the metric system?

See the link below for details about the metric system.

Is milliliters on the metric system?

Millimetres (UK spelling) is a measurement of length used by the metric system.

Why is the metric system used exclusively in the sciences?

Because it is universally accepted and is the more rational; but the metric system is not used only in science, the system is general.

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