Where is the mintmark on a 1919 Australian Penny?

All Australian 1919 pennies were minted at the Melbourne Mint.

Most 1919 Australian Pennies have no mintmark.

For reasons I am unable to explain or even guess at, some 1919 Australian Pennies do have a mintmark.

On the reverse side of the 1911 to 1936 Australian Penny, there are two scrolls. One above the "ONE PENNY" inscription and one below the inscription.

On 1919 Australian Pennies specifically, there may be a dot above the top scroll or, the may be a dot below the bottom scroll. Either way, the coins were minted at the Melbourne Mint.

This meaning of mintmarks applies only to the 1919 Australian Penny.

The 1920 Australian Penny has a similar system of mintmarks, but the meaning is different.