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Where is the most dangerous city worldwide?


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1. Caracas, Venezuela

2. Cape Town, South Africa

3. New Orleans, United States

4. Moscow, Russia

5. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

TOP 10 most dangerous METROPOLITANS in the world. With homicides per 100- 000 inhabitants. With population over 250 000 residents. First of all, the info above this new paragraph I'm starting is incorrect. New Orleans' murder rate is 21 per 100,000, Moscow's is 10 per 100 000 and Port Moresby is around 52 per 100 000.

10:Cape Town= 68 murders per 100 000.

9: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil= city's murder rate is 37 per 100 000, but metro's is a soaring 85 per 100 000.

9: Cali, Colombia= 85 homicides per 100 000.

8: Guatemala City, Guatemala= 90 murders per 100 000 inhabitants.

7: San Salvador, El Salvador= 95 murders per 100 000 residents.

6: Kinshasa, D.R. of the Congo= 112 violent deaths per 100 000 people.

5: Medellin, Colombia= 116 murders per 100 000 residents.

4: San Pedro Sula, Honduras= 120 murder per 100 000.

3: Kingston, Jamaica= 125 murders per 100 000

2: Caracas, Venezuela= 130 murders per 100 000.

1: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico= 133 murder per 100 000.

Statistics provided by UNODC, UN ,PHAO, and the Municipal Police force, for each metro, or the national police force . From statistics available from 2000-2010.

DISHONORABLE MENTIONS, cities that didn't quite make top 10 or no statistics available but are proven to be extremely dangerous.

Bujumbura, Burundi: UNODC ranked Burundu 37 murders per 100 000 in 2004. Bujumbura is the capital and Travel board ranks the crime situation in Bujumbura as extremely critical= no exact homicide data, though

11: New Orleans, U.S.A.= 21 murders per 100 000.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti= The 2009 Mercer's Quality of Living Index ranked Port-au-Prince as #10 ON THE LEAST WANTED LIST OF OF THE LEAST LIVABLE CITIES IN THE WORLD. UNODC ranked Haiti for 2003-2004, 21.55 homicides per 100 000. Data is an estimate because the corrupt government often undercounts the murders. The Cite Soleil slum in the Port-au-Prince metro was named by UN as the most dangerous place on earth. The slum is home to approximately 300 000 people. it is not odd to see children carrying around assault rifles and guns laying around in the bleak streets of Port-au-Prince.= No homicide data available though.

Brazzaville, Congo= Ranked by Mercer as the 4th least livable city in the world. Located next to Kinshasa and civil wars raging through the the 1990's. The city has yet to recover from this and as a result is extremely dangerous= No homicide data available though.

Point Noire, Congo= Congo, Congo, Congo, what on earth is wrong with you. Pointe Noire's crime situation is extremely critical, ranked by Travel Board. Violent crimes and carjacking are extremely common, but some tourists risk that to go surfing= No homicide data available though.

N'djamena, Chad= 1972-1982 were hard times for this city, as civil wars were ongoing and the city has never been ale to recover. According to Mercer's 2009 Quality Of Life Index, it has been ranked 3rd on the least livability list because of that reason. Recent rebel attacks in 2008 are ongoing even today. As rebels are still fighting for control over the city, battling its old gangs and police force= No homicide data available though.

Mogadishu, Somalia= According to The Travel Board this city's crime situation is "extremely critical". The Travel Board also gave Mogadishu the grand title of the most dangerous and lawless city in the world. Somalia has been in a state of anarchy for 19 years. Which dates all the way back to 1991. BBC has also named Mogadishu one of the most dangerous cities in the world. As constant warfare and violence for more than 20 years. 50 percent of it's residents have left and an estimated 2000 murders in 1993. 165 000 if the cities inhabitants are now displaced and living amongst the extreme levels of violence. African Union peacekeeping force has entered the city in 2008 with as many as 2700 tranger troops to try and bring order to the city. Fighting between Ethiopian and Samoan government troops escalated in March 2007. Islamic guerillas were also a big part of the problem. AMISOM and the Transitional Federal Government's troops defended the last of Al-Shabaab's militant attacks during the holy month of Ramadan in 2010. TFG and AMISON won and now have control over 60% of Mogadishu, where 80% of the population lives. A new government was elected in November 2010 and has made a large amount of territorial gain in its first 50 days of power. The city's future looks a lot brighter than it's past. Because the pace of territorial gain is expected to greatly increase= No homicide data available

Grozny, Chechnya, Russia= The mercer's Quality of Living Index ranked Grozny as the most ruined city in the world. This city is the definition of war torn and approximately 2000 rebels are still fighting for control over this extremely dangerous city= No homicide data available though

Khartoum, Sudan= The 5th least livable city in the world, political unrest, and a country which ranks 17th in the world for the most violence. This city has a humongous gap between the rich and the poor. Sudan averaged 27 murders per 100 000 citizens in 2004. This city is extremely unsafe.= No homicide data available

13: Baghdad, Iraq= 48 murders per 100 000. In 2009 mercer's Quality Of Life Survey index ranked Baghdad as the least livable city in the world!


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