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It starts in Tibet, travels through India and ends in Sindh Pakistan.

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Which sea is at the mouth of the Indus River?

The Arabian Sea is at the mouth of the Indus River.

What is the latitude and longitude of the mouth of the Indus river?

The mouth of the Indus River is the Arabian Sea. The latitude and longitude of Arabian Sea are 18.0000 degrees N, 66.0000 degrees E.

Which river has its mouth in the Himalayas and flows through Pakistan?

the Indus

Mouth of river indus?

Sapta Sindhu, Sindh, Pakistan.

Where is the mouth of the indus river located?

The river starts in Tibit, travels through India, and ends in Pakistan

What did Alexander the Great do at age 30?

His army reached the mouth of the Indus River.

Does indus have a river?

The 'Indus' IS as river.

What is the latitude and longitude of the Indus River?

Latitude: 24°18′43.41″NLongitude: 67°45′49.22″EThe Latitude and Longitude given is for the Mouth of the Indus River.

Where was the indus river?

The Indus River was the longest river in Pakistan

What river floods like the indus river?

The indus river

What generalization can be made about the importance of the Indus River to the people of the Indus River valley?

The importance of the Indus River to the people on the Indus River valley is it irrigated the Indus River valley and provided transportation, fish, and water

Is the Indus River a youthful river?

No, the indus river is a pretty old river.

What is the definition of Indus River?

Indus River- a major river in Pakistan.

What was the main river in the indus valley?

The Indus River.

Which river did the indus civilization develop on?

The Indus River

Which river empties into the Arabian Sea Indus Nile Ganges or Pataliputra?

Pataliputra is a city Ganges mouth - Ganges Delta, Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh. Indus mouth - Sapta Sindhu, Sindh, Pakistan. Nile mouth - Egypt, Mediterranean Sea.

How long is indus river?

Indus river is the longest in the Universe

What are the uses of indus river?

the Indus river is for irrigation transportation

What is an fact about the Indus river?

The Indus river is'nt in Inida.

What is the name of the river of indus valley civilization?

indus river

In what country is the Indus river located?

The Indus River is located in India. The Indus river forms an important river system which helps the agricultural economy.

What was the importance of the Indus river to the the people of the Indus river valley?

It irrigated the Indus River Valley and provided transportation, fish and water.

How deep is the indus river?

The Indus river is 200 miles long.

What is the major city on the Indus River?

lohore surrondes the Indus river!!

How many tributaries of river indus?

River Indus has 29 tributaries

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