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Where is the navel rock in Pokemon emerald?


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You will need to obtain the Mystic Ticket by using a cheating device, because the Mystic Ticket is no longer available as an event.


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i thougt navel rock was Pokemon leaf green and fire red. (navel rock = nine island)

Navel Rockthe only way to get it is to get the mystic ticket at an event i heard in Pokemon emerald you get latias in it

To get to navel rock you need either a Nintendo event or a action replay!

You can't Navel rock is in Firered and Leafgreen games only

beat the elite four and go to the navel rock

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You have to go to Navel Rock. You have to use cheats. It is the only way.

no, on Pokemon emerald, fire red and leaf green only.....

You have to use a hack/mod to get to it Hope it helps!!

You will have to go to the navel rock to catch ho-oh.To go to the navel rock,you will have to go the real pokemon event.

there is no naval rock in pearl only in emerald, firered ,leefgreen

yes you go to navel rock but you have to cheat and teleport to get there

by using the mystic ticket which is obtained by using an action replay

Navel Rock can only be accessed after downloading the MysticTicket through Mystery Gift and sailing there by talking to the sailor in front of the Seagallop Ferries in FireRed and LeafGreen, or by boarding the S.S. Tidal in Emerald.

navel rockin navel rock is lugia and ho-oh to get there you need a ticket i don't remember good the name you get the ticket by trade by Pokemon fire red or leaf green (there´s no another way) and then when you have youre ticket(in Pokemon emerald)you need to go to slateport and go to the ship and give the ticket and the men will get you to navel rock

Doesn't matter, altough I would prefer getting the ticket. That's a little saver. Butt both ways are save.

Unfortunatly the ticket that you must aquire to ride the boat to navel rock was only given out at Nintendo events. Now all you can do it action replay it.

In Pokemon Emerald, Ho-Oh will be holding a Sacred Ash item when it is caught. One can also be found on Navel Rock using the Itemfinder.

Lugia was given out to the People who attended an Official Nintendo Event. It is found at Navel Rock.

Ho-oh is not in Pokemon diamond. It is at Navel Rock in Ruby, Sapphire , Emerald , FireRed and LeafGreen

No, Navel Rock is in FireRed and Leafgreen and Birth Island is in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. These places also need Nintendo Event items in order to get there.

You can get a Lugia by getting a Mystic Ticket and going to Navel Rock from a Nintendo Event.You can get Ho-Oh at Navel rock,too.But scince this Nintendo event has ended a few years ago and Nintendo won't make it again,you cannot go to Navel Rock and get a Lugia there if you want to get a Lugia by going to a Nintendo Event. The only other way to get a Lugia on Pokemon Emerald is to use a Gameshark.

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