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Is it an automatic or manual transmission? If its a manual trans its under the clutch pedal.

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Q: Where is the neutral safety switch located on a 1999 Saturn S series 4 door?
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Where is the transaxle located on a 2000 Saturn L-series?

The Saturn L series transaxle is in front of the driver, connected to the engine.

Were is the alternator located in a 1991 Saturn s-series at?

were is a ALTERNATOR

Where is the mass air flow sensor located in a 2002 Saturn 1.9 SOHC?

There is no mass air flow sensor on the Saturn S-series.

Where is the computer located in a 2000 Saturn LS Series?

If you are talking about the engine pcm, is located on top of the engine on the driver side.

2000 Saturn s-series when you put the key in the ignition and turn it on all dash lights turn on but car does not start?

Check the neutral safety switch. If you try moving the shifter while you're holding the key in the start position you MIGHT get a little pop from the starter. If that happens your neutral safety switch might be either misaligned or just plain faulty. Other possibilities might be: bad starter, bad keyswitch, faulty connection...

Does the 1997 Saturn l-series have any recalls?

The Saturn L series didn't come out until 2000. Before then Saturn only made the S series. I just thought I would add something regarding a 1997 s-series. They did have a recall on the fuel pump/filter (the one that is located in the gas tank) I was sent a letter regarding the recall and then I just had to take it in for a service at Saturn for the free replacement on the recall.

Where is the radiator fill cap located on a 2001 Saturn s series?

You fill it though the resivoir cap

Where is the brake light switch located on the Saturn L series?

On the undwerside of the dash attached to the brake pedal.

When was Saturn S-Series created?

Saturn S-Series was created in 1991.

When was Saturn L-Series created?

Saturn L-Series was created in 2000.

Where is the secondary air injection pump located on a Saturn l series?

Right next to the windshield washer reservoir.

How do you access the fuel pump on a 2000 Saturn wagon?

The fuel pump on your Saturn SW series is located in the fuel tank, you must remove the fuel tank in order to access the fuel pump.

When was the Saturn Commercial for the Saturn S series broadcast?

The Saturn S series is an old automobile. Commercials for them were first broadcast in 1992. The line was discontinued in 2003 and replaced by the Saturn Ion.

Where is the Engine block heater located on Saturn sl2?

There is no block heater on the s-series That is not right there was an option on the s series but like i said it was an option so.

Where is the fuse box on a 2003 Saturn L series?

I have a 2002 L200 and the fuse box is located under the hood on the driver side.

Where is the thermostat for the 2001 Ls200 series Saturn car located?

Should be in a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose

Why is a switch on a socket in series with the live wire?

For safety it removes all power from the socket. if the switch was in series with the neutral wire the socket would still have power on it with the switch off and dangerous shocks would e possible!

Where is the Saturn SL pcv hose assembly?

The PCV is located on the valve cover. Its the one thing on a s-series that should rattle :) -RC-

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 2000 Saturn SC1?

For the Satur S-Series there is no camshaft position sensor. They never installed it in that model

When do you change the timing belt on a 2001 Saturn s series?

The S series Saturn does not use a timing belt; all four cylinder Saturn's use a timing chain.

Horn location on Saturn l series year 2000?

it is located on the passenger side just behind the front fascia. You have to jack the car up to get to it.

Does a 2000 Saturn SC2 have a timing belt?

The SC2 is an 'S' series Saturn, and all 4 cylinder engines of the S series Saturn's used a timing CHAIN rather than a timing belt.

How do you change the passenger compartment air filter on a 2003 Saturn L-series?

When you open the hood, it is towards the rear of the engine bay located between the wipes. It has a vent look and can be "popped" open with a flat head screw driver. I recently changed mine on a 2000 Saturn L Series, and that's the only place I found. .

Where is the fuse panel located on a 2000 Saturn LS1?

In my L Series Saturn, the fuses are under the hood for some things and on the wall near the floor pedals. My car has a diagram and explains which fuses are for what on the top of the cover panel of the fuse box locations.

Can you replace 2001 Saturn s-series transmission with 1995 Saturn s-series transmission?

Check forums under the SL or post the question.