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Q: Where is the obd2 port located on 2002 Mazda tribute?
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Where is the obd2 port located on 2001 Mazda tribute?

Just to the right of the hood release on backside of plastic covering

What is the obd2 on a Mazda demio?

where is the fault self diagnostic connector located on a mazda demio

Obd2 connector location on an 2002 Acura RL?

The OBD2 connector is located underneath the ash tray.

Where is the obd2 connector on Ford Thunderbird 2002?

where is the obd port located on a 2002 thunderbird

Where is the OBD2 ALDL port located on a 2004 Mazda 3?

It's located in a small recess left of the steering colomn on the lower side of the dash.

Is 95 Mazda 626 v6 obd1 or obd2?

Its OBD1

Get the trouble code from a 2003 Mazda Protege?

You need OBD2 reader or scanner to get the codes

Where is the obd2 plug for a 1996 Honda Prelude?

The OBD2 plug is located under the drink holder under the center console.

Where is the obd2 connector in kia pride located?

It is located left of the engine under the turbo.

Where is the Location of OBD2 connector in 1999 Mazda 323?

It's optional on the 323 so most don't have one

Can obd1 diagnostic port on 1995 Mazda be converted to obd2 and if so how thanks all?

No, different communication protocol.

How do you find out the 97 Mazda protege is obd2 certified and is any obd2 tool will work on this car?

OBD2 diagnostics were federally mandated for all cars made/assembled/imported into the USA in 1996. A quick check of the emissions label on top of the radiator should tell you, as well as the shape of the diagnostic port. yes, any OBD2 tool will work.

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Where is the obd2 port located on 2001 Mazda tribute?

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