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Where is the oil drain located in a 2005 Saturn ION?


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If it like a 2004 its on the back passenger side of the engine out of sight unless you under the car itself


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what is the bolt circle messurement ona 2005 saturn ion

Front passenger side. The plug is facing towards the rear of the car.

where is the run start relay located on a 2006 Saturn ion

How do you change the cabin air filter of a Saturn 2005 ION 2 ?

Where is the transmission filter location on a 2003 Saturn Ion

To change the antifreeze on a 2003 Saturn Ion-3, locate the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator. Drain the liquid into a pan before refilling it.

I have a 2005 ion-3 quad coup and I have 6.5" speakers.

The underhood fuse box. its either an 80 amp or 100 amp fues

Right side of engine compartment when looking under hood just left of coolant reservoir.

my 2005 ion shakes while idling.. has done this ever since i got it in 2005

under the backseat and you just pull it out and put a new one right back in

The bottom part of the engine is the oil pan. There will be a drain plug on it, remove drain plug and oil will come out; properly dispose of oil.

Located rear of vehicle under car.

there are 2 pull releases in the trunk located at the top opening when looking into the trunk.. you cant miss them

there are 2 pull releases in the trunk located at the top opening when looking into the trunk.. you cant miss them

Saturn is the make, ion is the model.

Saturn Ion was created in 2003.

In the trunk by the right tail light.

In the trunk under the floor mat by the spare tire

the battery is under the floor in the trunk where the spare tire is located

The fuse for the cigarette lighter in the 2003 Saturn Ion is number 15A. It is located in the fuse box under the dashboard of the vehicle.

As with all modern starters, the Saturn starter relay is attached to and an integral part of the starter motor.

I believe there is none, it has an Electronic power steering. They replaced mine on my 2003 ION.

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