Where is the oil drain on a 1995 Harley Davidson softail?

The 1995 Harley uses a dry sump oil system so there is no need for a drain plug on the crank case. Instead there is a black rubber hose directly in front of the rear tire that is connected to a plug on the frame with a hose clamp. Remove this hose from the plug and drain the oil tank thru the hose. Replace the hose and tighten the clamp. Then refill the tank with the correct amount of oil.

Unlike a car which uses a wet sump system and requires a oil pan, the Harley uses an oil tank. The oil is pumped from this thru the engine and back to the tank. Because of Harley having a dry sump and using a tank as described above, for those of you with early Evo's and Shovels, because the oil pump can only return so much oil to the tank, if your bike sits for a week or more, oil forcing its way past a valve to your dry sump motor, when started, will bypass and drain all over the ground. Common problem, nothing wrong, just remember to put a pan under before starting.