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rightside bottom underneath.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-05 23:55:34
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Q: Where is the oil drain on a 98 heritage softail?
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Do you have the starter schematics for a 1998 softail?

do you have the schematics for a '98 softail starter?? do you have the schematics for a '98 softail starter??

How many quarts of oil does a 98 harly softail hold?

3.5 quartz

Were is the oil drain plug on your 98 ford explorer?

Bottom of oil pan.

Were is the oil drain plug on a 98 sportster?

theres 2 hoses coming out of oil tank on bottom...One goes to the oil pump other one clamps on to frame. Take clamp off and drain the hose...That will drain the oil

What size oil drain plug fits a 98 Honda LX?

14 mm

Where the drain plug on 98 s-10 rear end?

Does not have one. If you want to drain gear oil you remove the diff cover.

Where is an oil filter on a 98 gmc jimmy?

It's in a plastic trap door in between the the radiator and the oil drain pan.

Where is the oil drain plug on a 98 Eddie Bauer 5.4 expedition?

it is on the passenger side of the oil pan, kind of hidden behind the cross member

Where is the coolant drain on 98 navigator?

my drain is brok and i casn not get it out how can i drain the coolant?

Where is the drain plug for 98 Chevy blazer for the oil motor?

It would be found at the lowest point of the engine's oil pan. It takes a 15mm wrench to remove it.

How do you access the oil drain plug in 98 Audi a4 avant?

The drain bolt is at the front of the car on the right side (driver side) of the pan 19mm socket the filter is directly above the drain bolt. Make sure you position the pan with enough room since the oil will come out about 6-8" beyond the drain plug.

How do you drain the coolant system on a 98 corsa?

To drain the coolant system on a 98 Corsa, locate the drain plug under the radiator. Remove the plug and catch the run-off in a pan.

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