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Where is the oil drain on a 98 heritage softail?

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rightside bottom underneath.

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Do you have the starter schematics for a 1998 softail?

do you have the schematics for a '98 softail starter?? do you have the schematics for a '98 softail starter??

How many quarts of oil does a 98 harly softail hold?

3.5 quartz

Were is the oil drain plug on your 98 ford explorer?

Bottom of oil pan.

Were is the oil drain plug on a 98 sportster?

theres 2 hoses coming out of oil tank on bottom...One goes to the oil pump other one clamps on to frame. Take clamp off and drain the hose...That will drain the oil

What size oil drain plug fits a 98 Honda LX?

14 mm

Where is an oil filter on a 98 gmc jimmy?

It's in a plastic trap door in between the the radiator and the oil drain pan.

Where the drain plug on 98 s-10 rear end?

Does not have one. If you want to drain gear oil you remove the diff cover.

Where is the oil drain plug on a 98 Eddie Bauer 5.4 expedition?

it is on the passenger side of the oil pan, kind of hidden behind the cross member

Where is the coolant drain on 98 navigator?

my drain is brok and i casn not get it out how can i drain the coolant?

Where is the drain plug for 98 Chevy blazer for the oil motor?

It would be found at the lowest point of the engine's oil pan. It takes a 15mm wrench to remove it.

How do you access the oil drain plug in 98 Audi a4 avant?

The drain bolt is at the front of the car on the right side (driver side) of the pan 19mm socket the filter is directly above the drain bolt. Make sure you position the pan with enough room since the oil will come out about 6-8" beyond the drain plug.

Where is the primary oil drain plug for 1998 Dyna Low Rider?

The primary oil drain Plug on my 98 FXDWG is loacated under the primary outer chain case to the rear of the case, just look under and you will see a plug. my plug is a torx type head so needless to say I use a torx bit to remove it when I drain the oil.

How do you drain the coolant system on a 98 corsa?

To drain the coolant system on a 98 Corsa, locate the drain plug under the radiator. Remove the plug and catch the run-off in a pan.

How do you change oil pan gasket on a 98 aurora?

You will need to drain the oil from your 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora oil pan. Remove the oil pan retaining bolts. Remove the oil pan gasket and clean the surface. Put the new gasket on and reverse the process.

How much transmission oil for a Lexus GS400?

if u just drain and then refill it.. and u have a 98-05 GS then u refill it with 2.5qts from the Lexus standard

What size wrench do i need for oil drain plug on 98 expedition?

Why not just try different size metric sockets until you find the one that fits.

Where is the radiator drain plug for a 98 s10?

It is that drain plug looking thing at the bottom left of the radiator.

Where is choke located on 98 heritage softail?

The choke (actually an enricher) is actuated by a black plastic knob located above and slightly to the rear of the horn cover on the left side of the bike. Use it only as little as is absolutely necessary or it will cause the spark plugs to foul and carbon will build up in the combustion chambers.

How do you drain the fuel out of a 98 873 Bobcat?

You must open up the back hatch of the bobcat to access the oil filter and pull it out. Then go to the side of the bobcat and pull the tab on the bottom side of the bobcat down. This will drain the spare fluids in the container.

How to change oil in a 98 Chevy prism?

To change the oil in a 1998 Chevy Prism you must first remove the oil plug from the oil pan under the vehicle. Allow all oil to drain out. Remove the old oil filter and replace with a new filter. Replace the oil plug in the oil pan. Refill the engine with clean oil as recommended without over filling.

Oil dripping from 98 Honda CR-V what to do?

Could be from a variety of places...however, if it seems to have occurred suddenly, it is most probably the result of an improperly installed oil drain plug that stripped the pan threads and now fails to seat properly letting a little oil leak. Replace the pan insert &/or drain plug. Does it have to be replaced...probably not if you watch your oil level closely; BUT wherever you park will get oiler and oiler.

How do you drain a transmission fluid on a 98 dodge caravan?

There is no drain plug like you find on the oil pan. You have to loosen all of the transmission pan bolts and remove 2 of them, break the seal and let the fluid drain from the pan. Usually when you do that though you should remove the pan, change the filter and put a new gasket on the pan.

How do you check the oil in a 98 Montereo?

You check it with the oil dipstick

What type of oil for a Mitsubishi magna 98?

seaside oil

How do you pull out the drain plug on a 98 Chrysler Sebring?

Depends on what you are trying to drain ... please be more specific on which fluid needs to be removed.