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Where is the oil filler cap on the punto 60?

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Its a little rubber flap on top of the engine block. Just pull the excess rubber with a tug and you will see the resevoir.

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Is there a drain plug on a Dana 60 rear differential or only the filler plug?

Only the filler plug. You have to remove the cover to drain the oil.

What are the spark plug gaps for a fiat punto 60?

spark plug FR7DC2 set gap 0.9mm

What is the max level cap for runes of magic.. imean the lasst cap?

now it is 60

What are formable splints?

A cast material comprising a filled crystalline polyurethane is disclosed. The filler is present in an amount of from 30% to 60% by weight composition. The filler comprises from 20% to 60% by weight of calcium metasilicate fibers and from 40° C. to 85° C. by weight of silica.

Fiat punto S 60 and a red circular light has come on what does this mean?

hi i think this is because the han brake is on

How old is oil?

oil is 60 million years old

What is the relative density to water of fuel oil?

If Water = 1 - then Fuel Oil (Diesel) = 0.867 @60/60 Deg F

How much does it cost to fix a clutch on a fiat punto?

around 200 pound in a garage or you can buy clutch kit your self for around 60 pound!!

What are the cylinder head bolt torque settings on a 98 Fiat Punto S 60 1.2?

Punto 1.2 engine code 176A7.000 Torque Stage 1. 20Nm Stage 2. 30Nm Stage 3. + 90 degrees Stage 4. + 90 degrees.

Detroit series 60 oil leak on the back?

If your Detroit 60 oil leaks on the back, take it to a mechanic for repair as soon as possible.

How many more years of oil do you have?

Approximately 60 years of oil left.

How much diesel from a barrel of oil?


How fast does an oil tanker go?


What is the normal oil pressure for Detroit diesel series 60?

what is normal idle oil pressure for 2007 detroit 60 series 12.7 L

Where is the coolant level sensor on 1994 Firebird?

If you have an LT1 its on the rear of the rad about 6 inches below the filler cap. its square and has a 2 wire connector pluged into the bottom of it. Your local auto parts store carries it for about 60 bucks, easier fix is just unplug the wires from it and the "low coolant" light on the dash will go out

What spec of engine oil should p reg m3evolution be running?

10w/60 10w/60 10w/60

When is oil going to run out?

Oil is going to run out in 60 years chosen by professionals.

Who discovered oil in Oman?

Oil was originally discovered in the 60's, I believe by the John Mecom Oil company from Texas.

How much motor oil does a 2002 kenworth with a Detroit 60 series hold?

Not 100% certain, but I believe the 12.7 60 Series holds 11 gallons of oil.

Why is engine oil in the radiator of Detroit diesel 14l series 60?

Start with the oil cooler

How do you make scoopable soy wax?

Add soybean oil to it. 60% wax to 40% oil.

How many cups is 60g of oil?

60 grams of oil is approximately 1/4 of a cup

Your fiat punto s 60 heater is not working what could be the cost?

my gt starts but it sounds to be on 3 or 2 plugs want rev propley its got white smoke

Anyone got a 1997 Fiat Punto S 60 If so what does the red warning light on the top right that looks like a spray mean?

fuel injector problem

Punto sx 60 using water?

CHECK YOUR ENGINE IMMEDIATELY! This is most likely a head gasket failure, which, often as not could result in your engine becoming scrap. Check the oil for a mayonnaise lik e(I'm not joking) substance. If this is present take your car to a mechanic, watching the temperature all the time as you drive.

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