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I'm not sure if this is going to help, but the last time I took our Sienna into get its oil changed, the mechanic lifted the hood and yelled out "top-loader" and then ran for cover. A couple of minutes later their double-jointed mechanic came out. I asked him what the deal was.

"Basically the oil filter can only be reached from above and in order to do this the engine has to be either cold or cooled down with water." He said "I always get the top loaders".

I guess its the harsh price to pay for being double-jointed ;-)

Its in a very convienient place. As far as I can tell you have to get to it from the top. You reach under the front exhaust manifold. So better let it cool down first.

actually, its easiest from the bottom.... it is on the front of the engine pointing at the radiator. if you lift the front of the van and look up just past the splash shield you can see it and access it easily with a standard strap type filter wrench.

ANSWER: Oil Filter can be accessed from either top ot bottom ( best from the bottom) it is located approx. center of engine on front side of engine. It's always a good ideal to let engine cool before attempting of remove old filter to avoid get burned. GOOD LUCK!

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Q: Where is the oil filter located on a 2004 Toyota Sienna?
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