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No hex bolt to drain the oil man. Drop the skid plate. And the oil pan is right there. Its right behind the oil filter. There is a shield on the bottom of the vehicle. There are a few 10mm bolts holding it on. You will see a round plastic housing with a 7mm hex bolt in the center. Remove the hex to drain the oil out of the housing, and I believe it is a 74mm oil filter socket to remove the housing. Make sure and get the oil filter kit, which includes a new o-ring. good luck Look on the bottom of the oil pan. There is a black plastic cover with hex-sides like a bolt. This screws out and there is a cartridge style oil filter in there. depening on the model 2.3L does have the oil filter in front of the oil pan, but 2.0L use different type of oil filter. Therefore, there is no hex bolt on 2.0L

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Q: Where is the oil filter located on a Mazda 3 show me a picture?
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