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i dont know im looking for the answer myself.


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how do I fill the gearbox oil on a vauxhall vectra

its on the oil cooler /filter block thats right under the alternator

where is the oil filter on avectra1.9 cdti

The oil filter canister on your Vectra 2.0 CDI is under the top cover of the engine. It is on the right hand side.

Semi synthetic 10/40 grade. Take your own pick on the make of oil.

Bottom left of engine near the pulley wheel

Valvoline website reccomends Semi Synthetic 15W/40

The Oil Filter Top Is a "Big Nut Type Cap" On The Right Hand-Bottom Side Of The Engine.... It Looks Like A Really Big Nut..... Which Usually Is Black.. It Is Not Metal But Its Plastic. The Bottom Part Is Metal.... Be Careful While Closing The Top Agen.... Dont Tighten It Too Much Or Else U Wont Manage To Get It Off Agen!! P.S- This Oil Filter Top Is Located On The Vauhall Vectra CDTI 2001... Dont Know Bout The Others! :( Sorry

behind the drivers side front wheel.

Its at the back of the engine underneath the oil filter

You will need a special Vauxhall service item called a Long Tool Hoffer. This will enable you to drain off the torque converter and the bastile. The filter must be changed and the old oil poured down the drain.

Any decent fully synthetic engine oil is now recommended to all vectras from that year.

The oil filter is inside the domed cover with spanner hexagon ,located between rocker cover and bulkhead Lee

diesel 20 ltr, oil filter is situated at the front of the engine underneath the Black plastic engine cover. remove cover and look down the front of the engine were you will see the top of the oil filter housing, ( you will need a 36mm socket to undo this cap) once removed lift out the oil filter and replace with new. genuine Vauxhall filter comes compleate with new o ring seals. easy job with minimal oil spilage.

On the right and front of the engine when looking under the bonnet

the oil filter is under the drivers side wheel arch, its easier to take the wheel off to get access to it that way you have no restrictions

Hi, just done a service on my 2006 1.9cdti. The oil filter is directly below the fuel filter housing. It has a plastic cap that has a bolt pattern on it, this takes a very large socket(I had an old 1"1/4 drive that fitted) probably a 32 or 34mm socket. Once you have it loose it is very easy to change. Beware of spillage when dong this job!

Either gear box is knackerd, or its got the wrong oil in it, if the oil i too thick, it will feel like treacle to change certain gears.

with the filter 5 litres 5 litres maybe abit much ive got a c22sel veccy mine is recommended 4.4 including oil filter

Get under the vehicle, have a bucket ready, remove bolt from bottom of sump (can't miss it), change oil filter as well. Use good quality oil.

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