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Where is the oil input and how do you put the oil in a Yamaha PW80?


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AnswerIf its the 2 stroke oil you want to put in, it needs to be mixed in a petrol can with the petrol, usually to a ratio of 50;1. If its the engine oil it only goes in the clutch housing as it is a wet clutch. If the hole is about half way up the casing, it usually means you keep bike upright and top up until its running back out the hole.

Note: Although the above answer will work, the PW80 is an auto-injector bike. The oil tank is located under the seat which is removed with 2 10mm nuts accessed under the rear fender. There is a viewing window on the left side cover to check the oil level. You should use Auto-Injection 2-stroke oil available from a Yamaha dealer.

we have one in the family. you have to remove the seat as above but you do not have to mix the petrol and oil yourself


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take the old one off than put the new one on simple as that.

Under the seat theres two nuts un screw those and that is your oil resivoir wich injects into your carb fill that resivoir with 2 stroke oil and u can tell wen its full by looking at the window on the side for the dip stick i put regular 10w 30 and mine runs fine

Well since its Yamaha always go with yamalube synthetic oilAnswer 2Unless you can find a Better Synthetic oil

About 2.75q with a new filter, and about 2.5q if you are just changing the oil

On the lower left side next to the clutch spring there is a twist knob. Unscrew it and put some oil in it

the amount is stamped on side of case

10w-30 engine oil preferably motorcycle type oil for wet clutch.

stock yamalube 4 stroke oil for the transmission only

About 2.5 Quarts of 10w 40 wet clutch oil.

I like castrol Activo part synthetic

It should say on the side of the case it will be like _______cc

500ml. It's stamped on the side of the engine.

When changing the oil in a Yamaha Virago 250, it depends on the engine size as to how much oil to put in. If it is a 1.4L only 0.36 gallons of oil are needed. However, if it is a 2L then 0.52 gallons are necessary. Do not overflow the reservoir.

you apply oil to the suspension area and then push it up and down to work the oil in.

yes 2 stroke in the bottle on the handle bars and oil in the trans.

as long as they are the same weight you shouldnt have any problems

The Yamaha Blaster is a oil injected bike, you put oil, Yamalube 2S, in the tank under the seat, then you put gas in the tank. You dont have to worry about mixing anything unless someone has removed the oil injection system and put a block off plate on it. Yamaha produced the Blaster, a 200cc air-cooled single cylinder two-stroke ATV as an entry-level machine from 1988 to 2006. The Blaster was discontinued for 2007 and was replaced by the entry-level Yamaha Raptor 250, which uses a cleaner burning, four-stroke engine.

A 1990 fj 1200 takes 3.5 qts.thats what it side in the manual.

Transmission oil? It goes in where the dipstick screws into the RH engine cover near the kickstart lever. Top end oil? The Banshee runs on premix. You mix oil with the gasoline, put it in the fuel tank.

Remove the plug in the bottom of the oil pan. Allows the oil to drain out of the oil pan. Put the oil pan plug back to its original position. Fill the engine with new oil.

you will need to pull the drain plug, then take off the oil filter, then replace the oil plug and the new filter, finally put your new oil in.

Yamalube. You need an oil without friction modifiers in it, to ensure safe operation of the wet clutches.

Take it off during a oil change. Righty tighty, lefty loosy. Put it on hand tight, hard.

Yamalube 2 stroke gear oil 10w - 40 wt available at your dealer or online

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