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Just a guess, but most likely it is located right near the oil filter, it has threads on it and taps into the block and probably has 2 wires going to it. additional info: on my 95 GC it is located on the block itself not far from the oil filter. It does have 2 wires leading to it and it is a plastic/metal assembly that screws into the block. If the plastic part is broken it will leak a large amount of oil on the ground and cause your oil pressure guage to well as drain the oil from your Jeep leading to the engine seizing up eventually. This is a cheap part and easy to find and replace and could also allow a dishonest repair shop to try to sell you an expensive rear main seal repair job.


1993 - 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee (1992 - 1996 Cherokee, 1992 - 1995 Wrangler, 1992 Comanche)

Oil Pressure Sending Unit (Sensor, Switch) On the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 5.2L, it is located behind the engine, near the firewall next to the distributor on the passenger side and sits vertically, at a right angle to the engine. This is a single wire sensor with a plastic pin to help align it with the unit's socket (two wires are present, but the unit gets its ground from the engine block). It is very difficult to see, even with a mirror. Follow the wire, which runs behind the distributor, down to the unit which has a snap fit lock on the side nearest the firewall. Use a small screwdriver to open the snap lock. Be sure to keep the oval rubber seal which you will need to put inside the wire socket on the new unit to ensure an oil-proof seal.

The unit is much easier to replace if you remove the passenger side spark plug and coil wires at the distributor. Be sure to make a diagram to ensure proper reinstallation order. The metal fitting is 1-1/16" in diameter, but is about ¼" deeper than a normal deep socket. Poor design as there is plenty of room for the guts inside the unit and it could easily have been designed for a normal deep socket. Neither Advance Auto nor Auto Zone, etc. had a socket which fit perfectly, not even the Great Neck socket which was labeled for an oil pressure sending unit.

Snap-On Tools undoubtedly has the correct socket if you want to spend the bucks for use on a sending unit which can last well over 200,000 miles (running low on oil and allowing the engine to overheat will shorten its life). However, the GN socket will engage at least two of the unit's faces and, with care, the unit can be gentled out and replaced. It does not have to be screwed in all the way, just snug it up. Do not force as it is easy to break the plastic housing. With luck, you'll never have to do this more than once.

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Q: Where is the oil pressure sending unit locatedand is there a diagram or picture you could see of it on a 1995 cummins?
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