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Where is the oil pressure sensor on a '99 Caravan 3.0 L?

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The oil pressure sender is located on the front of the engine. it is on the drivers side of the oil filter mount assembly , just over the starter motor. The starter motor is not in the way to re/re the sender unit.

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Will low oil pressure on an 89 Chevy Celebrity prevent it from starting?

No I would not expect low oil pressure to keep the engine from starting. Depending on how low the pressure is it might not be a good idea to run the engine much until the low oil pressure problem is corrected. Since there is no gauge built in on that year Celebrity I assume that the oil pressure light is on. Low oil pressure can be caused by a number of problems including failing oil pump, clogged oil filter, low on oil or loose bearings as well as a failing oil pressure sensor. When the pressure sensor fails it tends to show low oil pressure and if that is the cause then replacing the sensor can fix the problem. If it were my car I would first hook up an oil pressure gauge and find out what the pressure is before I attempted to fix the problem. Pressure should be at least 30 psi.

What does it mean when the Oil light comes on 1996 Dodge Intrepid?

It means either your oil pressure is dropping below threshold or the sending unit is bad. To be sure you can either hook up a pressure gauge and when the light comes on see what the "actual" pressure is. Or, you just replace the oil pressure sensor (next to the filter) and see if that fixes the issue. You can get a new sensor for about $30 dollars. I think a pressure gauge is like $60. If it is actually dropping oil pressure then you may have "sludge" build up in the oil pan. Or, the oil pump is failing. Good luck.

Torque on oil pan 1996 caravan 3.0?

Oil drain plug 30 ft lbs

Why oil light flushes for 30-40 sec after the engine starts then it shut off?

is this a bmw? if so, it may be a defective thermal oil level or oil temperature sensor. the sensor may be internally defective or shorted out. the brief flashing is the signal that the sensor need to be checked. if it is not a bmw, your oil level may just be low. if it is correct, the oil pressure switch may be defective.

How do you replace oil level sensor on 97 camaro?

drain the oil out of oil pan. Unplug sensor connector. Unscrew sensor and replace with new one ($30 at Auto Zone) Plug in connector and fill oil pan with oil.

What grade of oil Grand Caravan 3.8L 2005?

10W-30 of any good brand is fine

Why does your oil light flicker occasionally in 1999 cavalier?

i have a 97 cavalier z24, the oil light flickered when the car was hot and stopped/idled, it was my oil pressure sensor, about $30-$40 and very easy to replace. if it is that and you don't replace it, eventually you'll have a steady oil leak from it like i did

Are there two types of oil in a pressure washer?

SAE 30 weight in the engine and 30 weight non detergent oil in the pump.

What is the oil pressure specs on a 1985 Jeep Cherokee?

Normal idle oil pressure would be around 30 psi. Minimum pressure should be about 10 psi.

What type of motor oil does a dodge caravan 2.4 L uses?

10W-30 is appropriate. Any good brand.

Where is the oil sending unit on a 2001 olsmobile aurora 3.5 engine?

If you're talking about a low or high reading for oil pressure, the oil pressure sensor switch is what you may be talking about. I replaced my twice now. Go to: http://wiki.rockauto.com/PageIndex?letter=2001 I put in hopefully enough info for you to find an replace it. The part is about 30 bucks.

What should be the normal oil pressure reading for a 2002 Jeep Sahara?

Normal oil pressure at idle would be about 30 psi. Minimum would be about 10.

Cadillac low oil pressure stop engine?

Using 5W-30 oil in summer, my Catera's low oil pressure warning and light will come on when the engine is hot. But with 10W-40 oil this condition will not occur. Oil pressure gauge may indicate low pressure, but not enough to trigger the warning or the light.

What causes high oil pressure in a 1998 ford expedition?

Possible clogged oil galley, filter, defective oil pressure gage, or the use of an oil that is the incorrect weight. Replace the oil filter with a Purolator filter and change the oil. Install 5W-30 oil. If the pressure is still high then you need to have the oil pressure tested with an accurate test gage, to see exactly what it is.

The oil pressure gage on your 1993 Chevy silverado is reading 30 at idle and jumping to 60 is that right?

Yes, as you rev the engine higher it increases the revolutions of the oil pump which in turn increases the oil preassure. I have a mechanical gauge and it does not spike like that anymore. The electronic sensor is just slow to react.

What should you check if you have high oil pressure in a 82 Chevy 350?

the weight of oil that is in the motor...10w-30 is more than enough, if the oil was changed and say 20w-50 oil was put in then your oil pressure is going to be higher...the oil is thicker or heavier

What causes oil pressure drop when engine has heated up during drive?

The oil gets thinner. It is normal for the oil pressure to drop after the engine has reached full operating temperature. If you have from 30-40 psi pressure when the engine is hot then that is normal.

Oil pressure on Chevy Tahoe while running?

The oil pressure gauge will fluctuate on a Chevy Tahoe when the vehicle is idling and when the vehicle is driven at highway speed. Idle is usually 30 psi oil pressure or slightly more. At highway speed, the oil pressure should be between 60 psi and 80 psi.

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