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The oil pressure sender is located on the front of the engine. it is on the drivers side of the oil filter mount assembly , just over the starter motor. The starter motor is not in the way to re/re the sender unit.

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Q: Where is the oil pressure sensor on a '99 Caravan 3.0 L?
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1997 dodge grand caravan 3.3 and the oil pressure light comes on when you are stopped in gear but when you step on the gas it goes out and i use 20w50 oil and its full anyone know what might cause it?

use oil 10-30 and change the oil sensor

Will low oil pressure on an 89 Chevy Celebrity prevent it from starting?

No I would not expect low oil pressure to keep the engine from starting. Depending on how low the pressure is it might not be a good idea to run the engine much until the low oil pressure problem is corrected. Since there is no gauge built in on that year Celebrity I assume that the oil pressure light is on. Low oil pressure can be caused by a number of problems including failing oil pump, clogged oil filter, low on oil or loose bearings as well as a failing oil pressure sensor. When the pressure sensor fails it tends to show low oil pressure and if that is the cause then replacing the sensor can fix the problem. If it were my car I would first hook up an oil pressure gauge and find out what the pressure is before I attempted to fix the problem. Pressure should be at least 30 psi.

What kind of oil do you put in your 1999 Dodge Gran Caravan?

5w-30 engine oil

What type of oil is required for an oil change on a 1995 Dodge Caravan?

It is your choice 5/30 10/30 brand your choice

What should it cost to replace the oxygen sensor in a grand caravan?

anywhere from 30 - 75 dollars

Torque on oil pan 1996 caravan 3.0?

Oil drain plug 30 ft lbs

What does it mean when the Oil light comes on 1996 Dodge Intrepid?

It means either your oil pressure is dropping below threshold or the sending unit is bad. To be sure you can either hook up a pressure gauge and when the light comes on see what the "actual" pressure is. Or, you just replace the oil pressure sensor (next to the filter) and see if that fixes the issue. You can get a new sensor for about $30 dollars. I think a pressure gauge is like $60. If it is actually dropping oil pressure then you may have "sludge" build up in the oil pan. Or, the oil pump is failing. Good luck.

Why oil light flushes for 30-40 sec after the engine starts then it shut off?

is this a bmw? if so, it may be a defective thermal oil level or oil temperature sensor. the sensor may be internally defective or shorted out. the brief flashing is the signal that the sensor need to be checked. if it is not a bmw, your oil level may just be low. if it is correct, the oil pressure switch may be defective.

What type of oil do you use for an oil change on a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Generally 10W-30 is a good oil for most vehicles.

What type of oil do i use for a 3.3 dodge caravan?

Any good brand of 10W-30 will do.

How do you replace oil level sensor on 97 camaro?

drain the oil out of oil pan. Unplug sensor connector. Unscrew sensor and replace with new one ($30 at Auto Zone) Plug in connector and fill oil pan with oil.

What grade of oil Grand Caravan 3.8L 2005?

10W-30 of any good brand is fine

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