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Where is the oil sending unit located and how is it replaced on a 1998 Ford Taurus?


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2004-06-09 13:36:38
2004-06-09 13:36:38

Hey Sherry==It is on the side of the block just above the pan. Simply remove the old one and screw in the new one. GoodluckJoe


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The heater switch is located in the middle of the car in the 1998 Ford Taurus. It is either above or below the radio.?æ

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1998 Taurus pressure sensor location; It is located on the firewall side between the head and the transaxile housing.

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The camshaft position sensor is located beneath the wheel on a 1998 Ford Taurus 6 cylander Dohc.

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On a 1998 Ford Taurus : The thread on cap on the engine coolant reservoir is the pressure cap / radiator cap

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directly above where the passenger's feet are.

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