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Where is the oil sight glass on a 1977 Goldwing?

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Right side, just around the foot brake. Best way to check the oil level is, bike on center stand, engine running, flashlite in hand, have some one turn the engine off while you look at the glass, you will see the oil settle to it's level this way.

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What oil do you put in a 1982 Honda goldwing gl1100?

3 1/2 quarts. There is a sight glass on the lower right side that shows the oil fullness.

What type oil 1977 gl1000 goldwing?

10w40 is good. Check out Motul.

How to check oil on a Yamaha xj550?

there is a sight glass on the lower right side of the engine fill oil to top of sight glass is full

Does the 1981 gl1100 Honda goldwing have a site glass and a dipstick for checking the oil?

yes and no, it has a glass indicator window but no dip stick

Where is the dipstick for a 1983 Honda goldwing 1100?

There is no dipstick on this motorcycle. There is an inspection window called "a sight window" on the bike's right side when sitting on it, a bit forward of the rear brake pedal. There are two lines on the sight glass. They form the upper and lower oil level indicators. The oil should be at the upper or between the two levels. It happens that the oil level cannot be seen through this small window but it can be cleaned by turning a small screw located in the middle of the sight glass. This turns a small wiper blade that cleans the glass from the inside.

How do you check oil on1982 Honda goldwing?

Have the bike on the center stand and look in the sight glass. Its on the foot brake side. Just wipe it and use a flash lite. Helps if the engine is running and have some one turn it off and you will see the oil settle.

How do you check the oil on a 1981 Honda 1100 Goldwing There is no dipstick and you can't see a sight glass?

I too also have a Goldwing,and I was having that same problem. Believe it or not I used my car oil dip stick,to check my gave some indication how much oil was in there I have a 1980 Honda GL1100i "Interstate". The motor oil level is checked through a sight window in the right side of the case, a little bit forward of the rear brake pedal. There are two lines molded into the case beside the sight glass. These are your upper and lower level indicators. You want your level to be about midway between those marks. If you cannot see the oil level, you might have some oil "schmutz" on the inside of the window. You can clean this by turning the little screw in the middle of the sight glass, which turns a set of miniature wipers on the glass, cleaning it off. try putting the bike on the centerstand, starting the engine, let it idle. now look at the siteglass window for your oil level. should be halfway up the window with 3.7qts of oil.

How do you check the oil on a 1982' Goldwing GL 1100 Interstate?

On the right side there is a chcek glass it is hard to see

Where is the vstar 650 oil dip stick?

Actually there is no dipstick, there is a sight glass on the left lower side of motor with 2 marks on the case . The upper mark is the full level. You can see the oil thru the round glass sight glass

How do you check oil on Yamaha 1997 virago 250?

There is a sight glass on the side of the engine. With the bike sitting level, the oil should be between the two marks on the engine case beside the sight glass.

Where is the dipstick on a 1999 YZ250?

theres no dipstick on a yammaha yz, theres a clear glass sight when the bike is level the oil should be visible in the sight glass!! careful not to overfill above the glass, if you do let some out till you can visibly see the oil level!

How do you check the oil on 1985 Yamaha virago 750?

There should be a sight glass on the left lower side of the motor. The oil should be visable in the glass.

Where should the oil level be in a Honda GL1000 Goldwing?

There is no dipstick on this bike. Instead, there is a sightglass on the right side of the crankcase. You may have to use a flashlight to see the oil level through the sightglass. With the bike on the center stand, the oil level should be around the middle of the sight glass "window". Some people have made their own dipsticks to use in these bikes.

Where can you check the engine oil level on a 1985 Goldwing?

I have an '83 so they should be the same. Look towards the bottom of the engine on the right side between the peg and the brake. there should be a sight glass on the block with a small peg that has a slot in it sticking out of the middle of it. after cleaning the outside of the glass if you still can't see the level due to the glass being dirty on the inside, get a flat head screwdriver and turn the peg in the middle of the glass in a complete circle several times. This is a cleaner and should clarify the inside of the sight glass. now you should be able to view the oil level, but make sure you put it on the center stand first.

How do I check the oil in a ninja250?

There will either be a sight glass (window) or you'll have a dip stick.

Is there too much oil if the site glass is full?

It depends on what kind of equipment/engine. On my shop air compressor the oil level should be at the midpoint of the sight glass.

How do you check oil in Polaris Phoenix?

Oil LevelMaintain the oil level at the center of the sight glass. Do not overfill.1. Make sure the vehicle is on a levelsurface.2. Start the engine. Allow it to idlefor about 30 seconds, so it can be a litlle bit warm. Stop the engine.3. View the oil level through thesight glass, make sure it is on the center not in the top*.4. Remove the fill plug. Add thenecessary oil.*A rising oil level between checks in cool weather can ocur and could indicatecontaminants such as gas or moisture collecting in the crankcase. Ifthe oil level rises to the top of the sight glass, change the oilimmediately.This is also the reason you wouldn't want to get the oil on the top of the sight glass.

How do you check oil on your 81 gl1100 goldwing?

The oil on an 81 GL1100 Goldwing motorcycle is checked by removing the dipstick. Marks on the stick indicate how much oil is currently in the engine.

Can i use car oil in my goldwing 1100?


Is the engine and transmission oil the same in a 1981 GL1100 Honda Goldwing?

Yes, it is. However, there is separate gear oil in the final drive of the Goldwing, as it is shaft driven.

How much oil is required to change oil for a polaris predator 90?

7 oz. in gearbox, or until middle of sight glass

What is sight glass?

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How do you check transmission oil on a honda goldwing 1500?

same as the engine oil

What motorcycle engine oil does Honda recommend for a 1984 goldwing gl1200?

My owners manual for my 1984 Honda GoldWing says to use SAE 10W-40 Oil.

How do you check the gear oil in a 2002 Yamaha blaster?

there is a sight glass on the foot brake side of the motor

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